DIY Word Fridge Magnets [aka "keeping the kids entertained"]

diy word magnets for the fridge

So we are in the home stretch of summer vacation [only 3 more weeks to go!] and while I have loved doing and seeing new things around San Diego with the hub and kiddos, there have been days that I just want to rip my hair out!  Sound familiar?  I have tried to force, I mean gently persuade my 6 year old to keep up with her writing and reading, but she is quite the stubborn one.  [I have no idea where she gets that from].   So I put my vintage Rotex label maker [any of you out there remember these or am I dating myself?] to good use and made a bunch of word magnets for the fridge.  I figured it’s a fun way for her to “write” and be creative.

Of course you can use any kind of label maker for this project.  I love my Rotex that I recently purchased off eBay.  I put it to use to create these.

how to make fridge magnets

To start, I typed out 25 common pronouns.  Boy, it’s been waaaay too long since I thought about what the heck a pronoun is!  Embarrassing.  I used this website as my guide.

how to make easy word fridge magnets

diy easy word fridge magnets

how to make word fridge magnets

make your own word fridge magnets

make easy word fridge magnets

The label tape has a sticky back and of course the magnet tape does as well so these magnets should last at least until the end of this upcoming school year [she said a bit sarcastically].

how to make your own fridge magnets


I typed out my kids’ names and they loved that.  My 4 year old boy wanted me to make a “fart” magnet.  ”That’s a verb, right Mama?”  Technically it’s a noun, but that’s ok.  Ahhh….boys!

easy diy word fridge magnetsHere are the other links I used to create my magnets:


Common VERBS


This little project took all of 15 minutes and my kids have been busy little bees making sentences.  I hope their new teachers are seeing this post!

diy word magnets for the fridge



DIY Faux Cowhide Rug [guest post]

I’m always amazed at how quickly a month flies by!  That means I’m over at Homecoming today sharing my latest DIY.  If you’re an animal lover, but fan of cowhide rugs then this project is right up your alley.

how to diy a faux cowhide rug


In less than 15 minutes, I made this vinyl faux cowhide rug.  Can’t you hear all the cows in the world breathing a collective sigh of relief?   Swing on by to check out the full tutorial.



Ugly Desk Makeover

Well hello!  My long absence is attributed to a week-long camping trip to our favorite spot 40 minutes away.  It might as well be 4 states away as it always feels like a different world.  The kiddos, hub and myself spent our days swimming, crafting, playing, bike riding and socializing with some amazing people.  We always meet the most wonderful people while camping and this time was no exception.  We returned Monday and I’ve been dragging the old rear end since.  Grocery shopping yesterday was quite the chore.

Before we took off, I snapped a few pictures of my most recent and fulfilling DIY.  Remember the post about my $20 craigslist desk?  It used to look like this

bringing beauty back to an old desk from craigslist



While the kids were in a week-long gymnastics camp a couple weeks ago I decided to tackle this guy and give him a makeover.  I will write my tutorial later this week, but in the meantime enjoy the after pics.

craigslist desk makeover


craigslist desk gets a major makeover


an ugly craigslist desk gets a makeover


choosing an ugly beat up desk from craigslist instead of buying new


Here is the BEFORE [dark, dark, dark]

an ugly desk gets a makeover


And the AFTER [much lighter and brighter]

how to makeover a craigslist desk


how to paint an ugly desk


how to makeover a craigslist desk


As hesitant as I was to paint a wood desk, I just couldn’t justify stripping, sanding then staining a desk that cost me $20.  Plus, I’ve seen a ton of these desks for sale on craigslist.  As it turned out, painting this desk and adding the maple veneer and edging took me 3 days.  It was so worth it though.

bringing beauty back to an old desk from craigslist


craigslist desk makeover


Want to know the most impressive part of this DIY?  The fact that I actually finished it and didn’t get distracted half way through!