In just under one year (we moved in July, 2012) I’ve managed to touch every single room in this house….except…the guest bedroom.  We have had a consistent stream of visitors (some that have even stayed with us for months) and I have just now gotten around to decorating it.  Looking at these “before” shots I’m quite embarrassed that I didn’t make this room priority #1.

Anyhoo…I got “that itch” (know what I’m talking about?) this past weekend to finally give this room a fresh coat of paint and some desperate accessorizing.  I’m proud to say that the only thing I bought, other than paint, specifically for this room was the black bed skirt I ordered from Target.

The rest of the room was decorated by stealing from other rooms in the house.

Entering the room Looking into the guest bedroom

before before2

Every inch of our house is painted with bright white, flat paint.  Having two small and very active kids I can honestly say I am NOT A FAN!  If you breathe on it wrong it shows smudges!  So, the first thing on my list was to paint the room a nice soothing smoky blue.


During the painting process I enlisted the help of my two little DIYers in training (notice the smiley face?)


I am a very impatient person so the “during” process is always a bit stressful.  I just want it to be DONE!  Thankfully this room only took two days to complete.


After painting was done now it was time for the fun part…accessorizing!


It took a while to find the right mix of pillows, but I like this look (for now).









This room is still a work in progress, but I am already liking where it’s going.

Next I will be adding drapes, painting the dresser and nightstand handles and re covering the lampshades in a more neutral fabric.

These are my inspiration photos for the drapes and handles (we’ll see if I can pull it off):

Source: Sarah M. Dorsey Designs

Pull 3" Center-to-Center - Acrylic/Brass (#82904) by Laurey Hardware

Source: Cabinet

Stay Tuned…Part Two coming soon!


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