The “On Budget” Shot


Art comes from unexpected places.  This picture I snapped in our living room on a beautiful sunny day.  I look at this picture and am amazed at how its simplicity is what makes it so beautiful to me.

The painting I did on a whim about two years ago.  I recently found it wedged between the pages of a book and decided the colors were perfect for a blank wall in our living room.  The frame was lying around collecting dust and the decorative object was a Home Goods find that used to be a dull black (amazing what a coat or two of spray paint can do).

Search your house, garage, attic, etc for anything that inspires you and put it on display!   Throw it in a frame, give it a new life with a coat of spray paint in a bold color, or set it out on a coffee table for everyone to ooh and ahh over!


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