MINI MAKEOVER: Guest Bedroom Dresser

I am in the process of painting and decorating our guest bedroom.  I have tackled painting the room and placing the furniture where I think it might stay for a week or two.  But, the detail work is where I move at sloth-pace.  I steal items from other rooms, move them around a ka-gillion times, dislike most of my ideas, then…..

I decide to distract myself by spray painting something and giving it new life!  I have accepted that this is just the way I work. The room will get done (eventually) but I find that getting derailed is actually what keeps me motivated and inspired.  Does that sound strange?

That brings me to this “Mini Makeover.”  I have never been in love with my husband’s bachelor furniture.  It’s just not my style.  But, we cannot bring ourselves to get rid of it just yet (aka, we don’t have the funds to purchase new).

After much persuasion I have been given the “green light” to tweak it a bit and here is what I did this weekend….dresser_before2


handle2Here is a close-up of the handles

I just love the way it turned out!  It evens brightens up the room a bit. 

I spotted these handles as inspiration and knew I could easily replicate the look:

64c9cbc8e111f31301cfa04c811fc8baHere is a quick tutorial on how I did it:

I simply removed all the handles and soaked them in my kitchen sink in a mixture of water & vinegar (2:1).  This is to remove any gunk left behind from little fingers.

After dry, I sprayed the handles with a white primer.


They dried pretty fast (apx 15 minutes) and then I sprayed them with a gloss white paint.

gloss white

Once dry I taped off the white handle and sprayed the ends with a gold paint.



After they dried, I simply re attached them, stood back and gave myself a high five!

Again, here is a before and after side by side:

What do you think?  Have you ever done a “mini makeover?”


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