My latest obsession: CONTACT PAPER

If there is ONE thing you should know about me it’s that I am….

(when it comes to decorating and DIY that is). 

Remember the “lovely” sewing job I did making my son’s drapes:

IMG_5416[1](“Ralph Lauren Inspired: DIY Nautical Drapes”)

OR….How I updated the pillows in our master bedroom:

pillow_collage(“Using What You Have”)

Whenever I start a project I want it done almost immediately.

I am not one of those admirable women (or men!) that accomplish all-things DIY by following a great number of steps (or  directions…just ask my husband and mom!)

Anyway, that is why you will see projects on my site that involve as few steps as possible and are pretty pain-free.

With that being said….I introduce you to my newest obsession…



The patterns and colors that are out there right now are pretty amazing.

contact_paper(Source: Beauty for Ashes)

My awesome friend mailed me a TON of contact paper (the first image is my stash) as an early birthday present.  As soon as the box arrived I ran around the house like I was my 3 year old after he eats ice-cream.

Here are some things that I have done with it SO FAR…

IMG_5735[1]Most recently I stuck some plain white contact paper onto the drawer fronts of my son’s IKEA dresser for a funky look.

Here is a before and after:

dresser.This project took me 45 minutes and it couldn’t be easier:

1. Remove the knobs from the drawers.


2. Measure the width and height of the drawer and add at least 1/2″ to each side.  Now cut your piece.

IMG_5383(thank goodness for these grid lines…I can’t cut a straight line to save my life!)

3. Peel back about 2-3″ of the liner and place on the drawer front so apx. 1/2″ overlaps.



4. Once you have it on pretty straight start smoothing out the air bubbles.  I found that my wallpapering tool works best for this!  I have also used my daughter’s 3-ring binder as well and that worked like a charm.

5. Once all air bubbles are pretty much gone (I couldn’t get 100% of mine squeezed out, but who cares) use a sharp blade to trim the excess off each side.  Just run the blade down the side of the drawer and it should cut like “butta.”


6.  Now it’s time to re attach the knobs.  I took the screw to one of the knobs, gently pushed it through the hole on the back of the drawer so I could tell where to make a little hole with my blade.


7. Now just re attach the knob and admire your work!


Here are some more fun+ quick ideas for using contact paper:


Covered switch plate covers in our first floor bathroom.



Since contact paper is basically a very large sticker, there’s no commitment phobia.  I stuck my last piece of my favorite Moroccan style paper onto the wall behind my daughter’s book case.



Last but not least, I stuck the zebra pattern onto the side of the kids’ toy storage for a little fun.  The overlay you see is from I simply spray painted them gold and attached with duct tape (did I mention that I am impatient…it was the closest thing I could get my hands on!) I then used my utility blade to cut out the zebra paper that was inside the overlay, leaving the shelf itself showing.  You couldn’t really see it otherwise.

Fun, huh?  It’s the best stuff for a quick change to just about anything you want to give a little makeover to.  It’s commitment-free and it doesn’t have a high-tack adhesive so it’s easy to remove when you’re tired of the look.

Have fun!!


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  3. Becca says:

    Where did your friend buy you the contact paper from? I can’t find any cute ones online. Thanks!

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