Reupholstering +Kid-Proofing: our bar stools

Boy, if these bar stools could talk I’m sure they would be saying, “Thanks for finally showing us some love lady!”


This reupholster job is now #4 (and counting) on these poor things.  

1) They originally were covered in a black faux-suede and lasted until our girl was born.

2) Next was a light blue.  That lasted until our boy was born.

3) Next was this fabric and that has lasted the shortest time.   Can you tell why?  Too much BROWN maybe? Yup.


4) Most recently is this Ikat black+white outdoor fabric and I really like the bold look. Plus, I figured it being an outdoor fabric it would be virtually indestructible.


Not so much. I thought I was done with these stools until just a few months after reupholstering them I saw the fabric was fading at an abnormally fast rate!  Here is what the fabric should look like (left):


During a routine weekly visit to my local hardware store I spotted this product and bought it.


It claims to water-proof just about anything!  Boo-ya!

Thus started re upholstering job #4.  This is so easy if you haven’t attempted it yet.

1) Unscrew the seat.

2) Place the seat upside down on your favorite fabric (and ignore my crazy staple job)


3) Cut your fabric to size and add at least 2-3″

4) Staple the middle of each side &  be sure to pull tight when you do.


5) Staple like a mad woman! You can see how nuts-o I went on the previous upholstery job.  Oh…and yes I should remove the one million and three staples from that previous job, but I’ll do it next time.  How’s that for lazy?

6) Trim off any excess fabric.

7) Apply Step 1 of “Never Wet”.  I like this product for several reasons:  it comes in spray cans (no paint brushes+trays to clean), each coat dries in 30 minutes so you can have your stools back in about 1 hour, AND IT REALLY WORKS!!!

8) After Step 1 has dried for 30 minutes apply step 2 and wait another 30 minutes.

It’s as easy as that!




Still too much brown for my taste, but the black+white fabric really helps break it up a bit.  Now I just need to convince the hubby that the kitchen island would be better off white.

Here are a few fun shots to show you proof that this stuff really works…



The water drops literally fell off the seat.  This was a source of laughter for the kids and myself for a good 20 minutes.


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