DIY Ballard Designs knock-off rope door stop


Whew!  What a busy (DIY) weekend I had!  How was yours? I don’t know where my burst of energy and motivation came from (when I get like this I just go with it!), but I managed to squeak out a few new DIY projects (stay tuned!) as well as tweak some things in several rooms around the house.

One project I’ve been conjuring up in my mind is how to make a door stop for the door that leads to the garage (without spending one penny!)


This door is especially frustrating when I have my arms full of groceries, a sleepy child, backpacks, sports equipment, or all the above!  This door needs to be propped open as it shuts automatically.  This is what we have been using for the past year…


Yup, our poor hand vac!  I am not sponsored in any way for saying this, but Electrolux sure makes a tough product!  This thing has been kicked, dragged and used at least 25 times a day as our door stop and still looks new!  Just sayin.

As I was watching the kids play in our back yard on Friday afternoon I had one of those light bulb moments.  See, our back yard is very sloped and an occasional large rock will slide its way down into our yard.  That’s when I realized that I could use one as a door stop!  I have always loved the rope knot doorstop from Ballard Designs especially because it has a handle, and I just knew I could replicate the look…for FREE!  (I can’t justify spending $49 on a door stop!)


Ballard Designs

So I grabbed a rock from our back yard, some rope I had on hand from a previous project, Gorilla Glue and went for it!



First I made the “handle” then started wrapping my rock over and over again.  I kept rotating it a bit while wrapping the rock so it wouldn’t be “lumpy” on one side.  You need to keep pressure on the rope while wrapping the rock.




Halfway through, I needed to play a game of freeze tag so I grabbed a clamp to hold everything in place.


I used a little Gorilla Glue wherever I saw the rope fraying or lifting away from the rock and clamped it.  This project was fun and only took 20 minutes!  The best part is, it was FREE!  I love that (and so the husband).


I know it’s not identical to the real thing, but that doesn’t bother me one bit.  It serves its purpose just fine and I didn’t spend one penny!


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