DIY funky key holder


So today started off like any other day…

rise and shine at 6:30,

stumble to kitchen,

guzzle down 1st cup of coffee,

check emails,

get kids’ lunches made,

make kids b’fast,

guzzle down 2nd cup of coffee,

then RUSH to get kids out of the house in time for school!

All was normal until I dropped my daughter off at school this morning then this happened…

Photo: This is how my day started.

My VW van decided to go and die on me!  Twice while I was in the drop off lane in front of my daughter’s school!  Thankfully no one yelled at me or whaled on their horns.

Of course I had to then bring my son to school…and I was snack Mom today!!

So to say it was a bit of a stressful day is an understatement.  Know what I do when I get stressed?  I do DIY PROJECTS!

So when I finally got the kids home from school safe and sound I slipped into the garage (aka, my Mom Cave) for 15 minutes to create this:


A key holder that I made out of a scrap piece of wood, fabric, screw hooks, and some yellow nylon string.  I had all of these materials laying around our garage and I whipped this thing together in 15 minutes.  Just enough time to get the day’s stress out.

To start I grabbed the ugliest piece of scrap wood I had and wrapped it in this b+w chevron fabric:


After 35 staples and some hot glue on each end I then cut a tiny hole where I wanted to attach the hooks.



I wanted to add a little something extra so I grabbed some bright yellow nylon string I had in my stash.  (Don’t ask me why I even have this!)  I placed a dot of hot glue at the bottom of the hook and secured some string so it would hold.  Then I wrapped the hook and used another dot of glue at the end to hold the string in place.



To attach it to the wall I simply used some more string and stapled it onto the back.


There you have it…my 15 minute DIY Sanity Break!  It always feels good to relieve stress in such a productive way!


I think it’s a great addition to our chalkboard gallery wall and goes great with my bright yellow door:




I screwed this into the wall and hot glued a turquoise crystal (from my daughter’s art kit) to the screw to make it pretty.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings!  Have a great day.


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  1. This is “so cool” Amy! (With the words of a teenager) :-) I love it!

  2. LOL…forgot to mention I’ve been on your blog all day., and am now a subscriber.

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