DIY Silhouette in 10 minutes

I have always loved the simplicity of silhouette portraits.  Whether young or old, a person’s essence is captured in time in a very simple, elegant way.  (And not to mention, this project is stinkin’ EASY!!)

I wanted to create one for my kids while they are still young (6 &3 years old).  Knowing my kids would not sit still for an hour for me to sketch their little profiles, I came up with a 10 minute way to create a silhouette portrait!  BOOM!


All you need for this project are the following:

Camera (I used my cell phone camera)




Card Stock Paper (scrap booking paper works great!)

Double-Sided Tape -or- Glue Stick

Old Frame  (or new!)


Snap a picture of your child’s profile.  I found that sitting my kids in front of a bright window and taking off the flash helped define their profile features the best.



Print out your images.  I’m sure there’s a way to print from your phone, but instead I emailed myself these pictures then printed them out on our inkjet.


Cut out your child’s (or whoever’s) face.  I used our hair cutting scissors as they gave me the best results.


Grab a piece of card stock or scrap booking paper and trace the profile onto it.


Now simply cut out the profile on this card stock.  I used what I had on hand and used a linen colored paper.  I think these would also look awesome in a turquoise, hot pink, lime green, or a patterned paper. (I’m still diggin anything chevron).


Now that you have the spitting image of your child’s profile in your hands, grab a frame!  I had 2 identical frames from Costco in each of my kids’ rooms.   Either use double-side tape or glue stick to adhere this to another piece of cardstock.  I simply glued these cut outs to the black mat that was already in the frame. You definitely want to use a contrasting color so the profile pops out.


I hand wrote the month and year I made these on the very bottom of the piece.  It’s barely noticeable, but I like it that way.

From start (snapping a picture of their profiles) to finish (nailing the completed project onto the wall) took all of 10 minutes!



PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage2

I know, right??!??!  I just love these.  You can even do this with a beloved pet, grandparent, anyone!!




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