Kids Chore Chart [and soup can DIY project]


I’ve heard all the cliches / sayings / advice about organization….”an organized home is a happy home,” “an organized home is a stress-free home”…blah, blah, blah!  Well, I hate to admit it, but it’s so true!  Add two very active children to the mix and the organized home quickly took a back seat for many years.  Well, I think it’s safe to say that we all have our limits and I reached mine not too long ago.  No breakdowns.  No tears, just sick of picking up the same toys over and over again and cleaning out my daughter’s backpack and lunch box for the billionth time.

It is a personal decision whether you require your kids to do chores or not.  My husband and I fall into the category of “everyone pitches in.”  So to save some of my sanity (and time) I made my kids a chore chart.  (*Note:  I cannot remember what site I downloaded these printables from so if you do know, please let me know so I can properly credit them.)


I purchased 2 plastic frames from Michael’s and four dry erase markers.  I added each kid’s name to the chart and slipped them into the frames.  All I had to do at this point was figure out chores for each kiddo.  My 6 year old daughter was easy:  dirty dishes in sink, pick up room, homework with a good attitude, clean out backpack, clean out lunch box.  My 3 year old son is just figuring the chore / reward thing so I kept his simple: dirty dishes in sink, pick up toys.

To reward their good work I came up with a system: complete 1-5 things = $0.50 | 6-10 = $1.00 | 11-15 = $2.00 | 16-20 = $3.00.  I tally up the number of things they did Friday night and give them their allowance.  I’m amazed that it is working and my kids aren’t whining (too much) about helping out.

side view

Now for the DIY project!  There are a ton of tutorials out there that show you how to create these decorative luminaries out of soup cans.  As you can see, I used mine as marker holders instead.

Sorry I forgot to take pictures during the process so I’ll try to describe the process (it’s so easy!)

  • Obviously you need a couple empty soup cans, washed thoroughly and labels completely removed
  • Fill the soup can with water and stick in the freezer for at least 2 hours
  • Remove from the freezer and grab your hammer and nail
  • Start nailing your design onto your tin can (*note: I free handed my designs, but you can always lightly sketch any design you want)
  • Once you’ve completed your design simply let the remaining ice thaw
  • You will most likely be left with a bulge on the bottom of your can.  Don’t freak, it’s just from expanding in the freezer.  Just take a hammer to it and it’s gone.
  • Now punch two holes at the top of each can for your handle (I’ve seen some people use thin wire, but I like the look and feel of jute rope)
  • I spray painted each can a bright turquoise and done!


tinkerbell close

My daughter wanted Tinkerbell


My son wanted a dinosaur

So I’ve managed to create ONE organized space, next is to tackle this unbelievable mess lurking underneath our staircase…


I will be repeating this to keep me motivated: “An organized home is a stress-free home!”  :-)   Stay tuned!

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