my little corner of the house [literally]


I thought I would share with you today my little corner of our house.  Saying that makes me chuckle, as I do mean it.  I have dedicated ONE corner of our two-story house as “Mama’s Corner.”

If you have kids then you probably live with something like this on a daily basis



It’s (blissful) chaos!  Between the sea of bright colored plastic that scatter our floors, to decorating our poor 15 year old dog with necklaces (today it was Candy Land playing cards); clutter and kids go hand in hand.  To me, it’s so important to have a dedicated spot all to myself.  Even if you don’t have kids, it’s crucial to your sanity to have some “ME” space.  My “ME” space just happens to be a tiny corner in the kids’ playroom.  This sounds like an oxymoron huh?  Mama Space in the Kids Playroom….???

It kind of started with this desk I made for the kids to do their homework, crafts, coloring, Lego building , etc on.  This being the only desk in the house, I also needed a space to do my blogging.  So I share the desk with the kids, but our rule is they have to keep my side tidy (I know, easier said than done).


I have to admit, they have been pretty good about respecting my space and keep the messes to a minimum.

side view

These chairs were free and I gave them a jolt of color with AS Chalk Paint in Provence.  To satisfy my funky side I covered some dated throw pillows we have had (forever) in this b+w greek key fabric.




I used gold Duct Tape on this vase to bring it into this century.


I just purchased this mini tray from One Kings Lane and love it!  It’s a great accent of color and holds my push pins and stamps.


I purchased a set of corkboard tiles at Michael’s and wrapped them in some b+w chevron fabric to decorate my little corner.  All of the clippings that are on my corkboard are either things that make happy, inspire me, or just plain keep me excited to keep decorating the house.  It’s important to surround yourself with “happy” things.


Someday soon I will actually start filling out this book I recently received for my 40th Birthday.


Two things that I love most about my corner are: the view I have of our courtyard and who I share it with.


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