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Like most of you out there I am addicted to anything gold!  I sometimes find myself standing in our garage with a can of gold spray paint in my hands just itching to “shoot” something.  I am also drawn to art!  Anything custom, weird, unique and meaningful that speaks to me and I’m all over it.  I decided to combine the two for this latest DIY art project.

I am so lucky to have a first grader attend a school where peacocks roam freely.  No joke.  Her school is connected to a working ranch and you can always find on average 10 peacocks roaming amongst the kids.  It’s the most amazing thing.  Anyhoo, my 6 year old has amassed quite a collection of peacock feathers.  I was either going to make a feather duster with them or use a couple for an art piece.  So I decided to take the less tacky approach and make a custom piece of art.

spray feather

I gave one of the peacock feathers a quick spray of gold.

on paper

then blotted it onto a piece of white glossy contact paper.  It shows the detail much better than a regular piece of white paper.


I added a word of inspiration.

gluing string

Then glued some jute string around the edges (it just adds something extra, plus hides my imperfect cutting job).

done gluing

in gold

Yes, more gold!  I gave an old crappy frame a quick spray of gold, but decided to add some black electrical tape to the edges for some funkiness.


I just love it and love that it has a sweet memory attached to it.  So what better place to hang this sweet custom piece of art than our master bathroom!

on display

I know it might sound tacky, but this is where I start and finish my day.  I hung it next to my favorite framed saying so I always start my day with a boost of inspiration.


This project was completely free and took 20 minutes.  I can pass for now on making that feather duster!



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