DIY accent lumbar pillow [made from an old throw pillow]

diy lumbar pillow made from old throw pillow

This is such a simple and stupid-easy project I debated whether or not to even share it.  But, I figure if I think of these ideas there must be at least one other person out there who does too.

I don’t know about you, but our house seems to be the place where ugly throw pillows come to congregate.  Yes, I’m talking about my husband’s bachelor stuff [again]! For some strange reason we both held onto all of his stuff; for no other reason than we are squeezing every last penny out of each thing before we donate it.  That includes 8 bright plain yellow throw pillows.  I have covered several of these already in contemporary fabrics (two of which are being used in our dining room) and still have a few more laying around.

This poor guy was my latest victim…

diy lumbar pillow using old throw pillow[my daughter wanted me to leave the "bumblebee" pillow like this]

I squeezed the living daylights out of this guy and wrapped it up with duck tape.  Easy peasy, pillow squeezy! 

Next I simply grabbed my fabric du jour…classic b+w Greek key and wrapped the pillow like a present.  Then I used more duck tape to secure the fabric in place.  Yes, I’m that afraid to use the sewing machine!

diy lumbar pillow using throw pillow

In two steps, you’re done!  And your husband’s less than attractive bachelor throw pillow [sorry honey...I'm not worried...he doesn't read my blog anyway] has been transformed!

DIY lumbar pillow from old throw pillow

diy a lumbar pillow using an old throw pillow

I put this little DIY guy in our master bedroom.  It looks pretty handsome sitting on my $60 craigslist IKEA chair! In all honesty, it feels good to re purpose things before it winds up in a huge trash dump!  Reduce. Reuse. Recycle baby!

diy lumbar pillow made from old throw pillow

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