DIY Sculpture Pedestal

diy sculpture pedestal using things on hand

I’m back today with another quick DIY that came to my mind after stumbling upon this beautiful image…

shelves styled with baskets


What caught my eye immediately was the simple tree branch decoration on her shelf.  I thought, “I bet I could make one using all the crap I have in my garage of those!” Believe it not the challenging part of this project for me was finding a tree branch as ornate as the one she has!  So I used a piece of driftwood I had on hand instead.

To start, I corralled my supplies+materials:

make your own sculpture pedestal

The wood block measures 5.5″ x 5.5″ and wood dowel is 5/8″ thick and 7″ tall.

diy sculpture pedestal

(I patched some holes on this block so it would be smooth – it’s been laying around our house forever!)

Since my dowel is 5/8″ thick I used a 5/8″ spade drill bit (duh!) to make a hole in the center of my block; then I filled up the hole halfway with wood glue.

make a sculpture pedestal

Insert your dowel so it’s nice and snug.

diy make a sculpture pedestal

My little “Price is Right” model demonstrating for you.

diy sculpture pedestal using scrap wood

Once the glue was a bit dry (apx 30 mins) I gave my piece a quick spray with flat black paint.

make your own diy sculpture pedestaldiy your own sculpture pedestal

To add a bit of pizazz I grabbed some small gold L-brackets and decorative antique brass tacks and attached them to each corner.

make a sculpture pedestal diy

diy a sculptural object using objects around the house

The last step is to attach any decorative object to the top.  Like I said, it was challenging getting my hands on an ornate branch (we live in a fairly new development and the trees around my house are just babies) so I chose this fun shaped piece of driftwood instead.  We have had this forever (pre-kiddos) and I still love the fact that it looks like an antique shoe form.  I used some Gorilla Tape on the bottom to attach it, as I don’t want to damage the driftwood.

There you have it…another quick, inexpensive DIY project today!  Please come back soon as I have two projects [one I actually FINISHED] in the works that are pretty cool [I said so modestly!].  :-)

diy sculpture pedestal using things on hand

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6 Responses to DIY Sculpture Pedestal

  1. It turned out great, Amy! I’m actually kinda hooked on making these sculptures (I mean, come on, they’re practically free!). I used manzanita for mine since it’s easy to find in our area but I’m keep an eye out for some driftwood, too.

    • Amy says:

      Hey!! Thank you! I’m going to pay our local botanical garden a visit and see if I can snatch some fallen Manzanita branches. I just love the look of yours. Thanks so much for stopping by Jennifer!! Hugs, Amy

  2. Mom says:

    I love it. What a fabulous idea. Where did you put it? Love you bunches and give the Price Is Right model a big hug from Grammy!

  3. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    What an awesome idea Amy! Have a great weekend!

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