Organizing my project space [the garage]

I am not a frilly girly-girl.  Never have been.  I’ve gone through my years of self-doubt and wondering why I just never felt comfortable wearing skirts and heels like a lot of girls do.  Thankfully, those days are over and I’m happy wearing jeans+t-shirts+comfy shoes.  I have also found my “happy Mom-spot” in the house is not a bubble bath sipping a nice glass of red [although that does sound mighty fantastic], nor is it standing in front of the mirror doing my hair+make-up.  It’s the GARAGE!  Yes, that’s the spot where I feel the most productive and inspired.  If I’m missing from my kids’ sight for more than two minutes they say, “Oh, she’s in the garage AGAIN!”  That brings a huge smile to my face.  More on that later.

So because I spend a lot of time in the garage I figured it was time to spruce it up a bit and organize it so I can finally find stuff! Nothing frustrates me more than digging through piles and tubs of crap to find the right screw, a cup hook, some wire, you get the picture.  Because it’s the garage I did not want to spend a dime.  So what better thing to use than SOUP CANS and other stuff I had laying around in the….GARAGE!!

organize any workspace for free

Since we do not have garages here in California [at least where I live] it is the catch-all space and we store just about everything in there.  We are using our old IKEA wardrobes to store our skis, winter gear, and all of my project paraphernalia.

They are pretty beat up and I decided to paint “mine” with my chalkboard paint.

organize the garage workspace with soup cans and cup hooks

organize the workspace with stuff around your house

organizing my garage with items around the house

Now I have a spot to write down my ever-growing list of things to do and make!  And the kids can keep me company and doodle.

organize the garage with stuff around your house

Now please don’t judge me by this next picture.  We I haven’t touched the garage since we moved in.  It’s the last frontier!

organize your garage workspace with household items

Ugh!  Isn’t this inspiring?  To rip your hair out maybe.  I grabbed our stockpile of soup cans[the hub loves his soup] and decided to organize the little things that I use frequently and to put them within easy reach.  I screwed a few soup cans onto the inside door and threw a chalkboard label on each.

organizing my workspace with stuff around the house

organizing the garage with objects found around the house

I attached a few cup hooks onto the opposite door and hung up my little tools I use almost daily.

organizing my workspace with objects around the house

I have small kiddos.  I have curious kiddos.  To keep them safe and give me peace of mind I attached a lock at the top of the wardrobe.  Now I can worry about something other than them getting into the spray paint or glue.

organizing the garage with objects around the house

I know this isn’t ground-breaking stuff, but I wanted to share some quick tips that have helped me get a little organized in my Mom Space.

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  1. I’m so happy to finally have a garage myself! Congrats on your nomination—you have my vote!

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