diy starburst wall decor

I often get asked how I come up with my DIY ideas and projects.  I usually answer that question with, “I have no idea!”  The honest answer though is much clearer.  Probably like a lot of you, I flip through countless home decor+design magazines [West Elm, HGTV magazine, Ballard Designs just to name a few].  I also scan regularly through a few of my favorite websites and e-magazines [Target and Lonny].

Today I’m sharing a prime example of how inspiration becomes another DIY project.

diy abstract starburst

I was itching to create something easy yesterday so I clicked on the decor tab of Target’s website and spotted this: nate berkus star burst wall decor

I am addicted to almost anything Mr. Nate Berkus designs and this abstract starburst wall decor is no exception.  Plus I love that it’s free-form and a new take on the overly-popular starburst mirror+ brass sea urchin decor.  So, I had my inspiration.  Now comes the brain storming on how to re create it.  Off to the garage for supplies!

diy starburst wall decor made from bamboo skewers

I then started snipping off the sharp pointy end of the bamboo skewers with kitchen scissors.

diy abstract starburst wall decor

After doing this to about 40 skewers I started creating the abstract starburst.  I used a scrap piece of vinyl to protect my work surface.  I suggest using something tough like vinyl, maybe aluminum foil might work well too, since your piece will slide off easily.  Next I simply glued 3 skewers together to create a base.

how to make a diy starburst wall decor

make your own diy abstract starburst wall decor

The rest is so easy.  Just glue your bamboo skewers on wherever you think looks best.  Just be sure to glue each skewer on at least 2 points so it’s secure.

nate berkus inspired abstract starburst wall decor

Once I had the size and appearance I liked, I let the glue completely dry for a few minutes.  Then I grabbed a spatula and shimmied the starburst off.  Since I used hot glue, of course I was left with those nagging threads and globs of glue.  Just pull both off gently.

diy abstract starburst wall decor_nate berkus inspired

I had a ton of leftover lollipop sticks from my jewelry organizer project so I decided to use them to create another starburst.  I simply followed the above steps.

diy nate berkus inspired starburst wall decor

Once I was done creating both starbursts, I took them outside to spray paint each.  I chose to make one black and one gold.

how to make an easy abstract wall art

nate berkus diy abstract wall decor

The hardest part of this project??  Finding the perfect spot to hang them!

diy wall decor_nate berkus inspired starburst

Since these weigh about as much as a marshmallow, you can attach them to the wall using a tiny nail.  The gold starburst measures 13″x13″ and the black 9″x12″.

diy starburst wall decor nate berkus inspired

diy wall decor_abstract starburst

make your own abstract starburst wall decor

From start to finish, this project took all of 20 minutes.  Just enough time to scratch that “I-must-create-something-today-or-I-will-go-crazy” itch.  If you haven’t noticed, I try to keep most of my DIY’s to 30 minutes or less so my kids don’t feel ignored and I don’t feel guilty for having creative Mama time.

diy abstract starburst


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10 Responses to diy starburst wall decor

  1. Nancy says:

    Love them. Marvelous work and they look so difficult; as if you had spot welded metal rods together. Can you tell me, please, how big the finished pieces are. I would love to do something like this for over my fireplace.

    • Amy says:

      Thanks so much Nancy! Sorry for not mentioning how large they are. I’ve updated that on the post. The gold starburst measures 13″x13″ and the black one is 9″x12″ Send me a picture when you make one. I’d love to see it! Hugs, Amy

  2. Carmody says:

    I like your brain Amy!!! This is fantastic.

  3. Yesssssss. I can’t tell you how crazy I am about all the Nate Berkus Target stuff. Love this DIY version. Looks perfect on your little wall. Thanks so much for linking up at The Makers, Amy. :)

  4. Love this knockoff! Pinned :) Thanks for sharing it at The Makers and I hope you have a great week!

  5. Breanna says:

    Awesome! I totally spotted those on Target’s website too and thought they would be a fun knock-off. Glad to see someone else tackle it and confirm how simple it will be to make! Cheers!

    • Amy says:

      Thank you so much Breanna. Please share a picture if you decide to make one. They’re ridiculously easy to make. Have a great weekend.

Thank you for your comments!