Glamming Up IKEA drapes

no sew banded ikea drapes

I was such a busy little DIY bee this past weekend!  It rained and rained and rained [I know those of you buried up to your eyeballs in snow feel so sorry for me] so we played indoors, including Mama!

Little by little I’m chipping away at decorating the kids’ play area.  It’s an open space right off the kitchen and because our house is a shot-gun one, it is also visible when you open our front door.

Here is a brief picture recap of the progress so far…



diy modern industrial shelves


modern and industrial diy shelves


And that is where I left it….until I came across these dirt cheap white panels from IKEA.

ikea drapes_vivianA pair of panels for $9.99!  Available online!  I filled up my virtual shopping cart, clicked purchase before you can say, “Sha-zam!”  They are a bit sheer, which is what I wanted as I need all the light I can get in their playroom.   The only problem for me is that they were 8″ too short.   So I got out my fabric box from the garage and found my go-to black cotton fabric.

no sew black banded ikea drapes

During one of my weekly visits to Michael’s I picked up a bottle of this amazing stuff.  Fabric Fusion costs about $4.99 and is worth every penny!  It is VERY permanent and dries clear and is machine washable in just 48 hours.  Are you guessing that I’m not the biggest fan of sewing?  You would be correct.

I simply cut a few strips of black fabric at 8.5″ wide and along the straight edge of the fabric and allowed 1″ extra on either side.

no sew embellished banded ikea drapes

I used my ironing board for this project and added the black band while the drapes were already hanging on the wall. I found that this takes any tension off the band and won’t pull on it while drying. In other words….I was too lazy to take them down!

Next I ran a bead of Fabric Fusion along the bottom edge of the IKEA panel, attached my black fabric and smoothed out any wrinkles.   Don’t worry if it looks white and messy.  It will dry clear.  I let this set for at least 2 hours.  Then I flipped the panel over and repeated this process for the sides.  Run a bead of Fabric Fusion along the sides and fold over onto the backside of your panel.

no sew embellished ikea drapes

how to add a black band on simple ikea drapes without sewing

If you cut absolutely perfect lines and your fabric doesn’t fray then you can it good at this point.  Since I didn’t cut my fabric perfectly straight and my fabric was fraying a bit at the top I pulled out my secret weapon…my black twill chevron tape.

I have some more of this stuff on back order but wanted to show you how it will look when 100% finished.

no sew black banded simple ikea drapes

how to embellish ikea drapes without sewing

And there you have it!  Fancied-up IKEA panels that cost very little!

no sew band on simple ikea drapes

add a bold color band to simple ikea drapes

add a black band to glam up simple ikea drapes

no sew banded ikea drapes


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2 Responses to Glamming Up IKEA drapes

  1. Mom says:

    Ikea curtain panels look great – what a bargain shopper you are!! Do you know how that fabric blue holds up in the wash? Didn’t know if you’d heard anything about that.

    Love you bunches and bunches – xoxoxo

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