unique lego storage [using old paint cans]

colorful paint cans used to organize legos

After painting our living room and another accent wall recently, I was left with several empty paint cans.  Instead of tossing them [plus I'm not sure if it's legal to do so in my over-regulated state...she said sarcastically] I decided to recycle them.

I think I came up with this idea after stepping on a lego piece with bare feet the other day.  If that doesn’t wake you up and cause you to blurt out a four letter word I don’t know what will.  I might have seen stars and rainbows circling around my head and came up with the idea to create a rainbow of paint cans.

Since I only had a few empty paint cans on hand I ran to Home Depot and bought a few new ones for $4.97 each.

My 4 year old still prefers the larger duplos and my 6 year old plays with legos so I decided to organize both simply by color.

using paint cans to store legos

use old paint cans to organize and store legos

I wanted my cans to look less “can-y” so I pried off the handles using my wire cutters.  I just wiggled and twisted the handle a bit and it easily came out.

how to use paint cans to organize legos

I broke out almost every color of the rainbow and started painting each can.

use paint cans to organize and store legos

While the cans were drying I got out the jute string and cut a few strands.  Then I tied a knot in each end.

how to organize legos using paint cans

Once dry, I pushed the knotted ends into each hole where the wire handle used to be. For this I used a bamboo skewer and it worked like a charm.

using old paint cans to organize legos

After I had the new handles on, I wanted to add some detail to the lip of the paint can.  I hot glued some sisal rope I had on hand to the top of the can.

organize and store legos using old paint cans

organize legos using spray painted paint cans

upcycling old paint cans to store legos

organize legos using old paint cans

I did leave one can sliver to hold all of the little accessories that go with legos [people, wheels...toilets!]

That’s pretty much it!  After a small investment of $20 worth of paint cans I had a pretty cool, colorful and unique storage system for all those legos around the house.

organize and store legos inside paint cans

colorful paint cans to store legos

store legos in old painted paint cans

Hopefully no more stumbling for my coffee in the morning and stepping on one of these suckers.  A girl can dream right?

colorful paint cans used to organize legos

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9 Responses to unique lego storage [using old paint cans]

  1. Mom says:

    You should contact Lego and show them what you’ve done. Ingenious, and as we say in the East – Wicked Awesome!

    Love you bunches – MOM xoxoxoxoxo

  2. cassie says:

    this is so fun! we have too many legos! i love the colorful storage and love the peak into your room!

  3. This is such a fantastic idea! I have a constant struggle to figure out what to do with the millions of Legos we have. My children are playing with theirs as I type. Although, from the yells coming across the house, I’m guessing they’re doing more fighting than playing;)

  4. Oh these are just too cute! LOVE! You are just SO creative :) Thanks so much for linking up at Thursday STYLE :)

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