hat+coat rack [made from the unexpected]

This might be the shortest post I’ve done in a while as it’s that easy.  If you don’t know me by now I love challenging myself to use materials in new and often bizarre ways.  Guess what…this idea is “out there,” but I just love it and the practicality as well.  This DIY is actually 3-in-1 as it does duty as a hat rack, coat rack and picture display.

simple hat and coat rack made from reuseable tie downs

Funky, huh?  Would you believe me if I told you this is made of two reusable twist ties?

I was at my second home [aka Home Depot] this past weekend looking for parts to complete another project, when these caught my eye

tie downs[via]

First off, the BRIGHT orange caught my eye then my brain went into overdrive thinking about how many cool things I could use these for.   They are bendable, rubber coated reusable twist ties and come in several fun colors [black, blue and lime green] and only cost $5.72! I purchased two orange packs, took them home and immediately my son grabbed them, ripped them out of the packaging and started twisting them, bending them, throwing them, poking his sister with them…then the light bulb went off in my head.  I grabbed them [after handing my boy a fruit snack] and dashed off to his room.   After playing with them for a few minutes this is what I did with them simple hat rack made from reusable tie downs Instant hat and coat rack!  To secure them to the wall, I used two small cup hooks. hat rack made from reusable twist ties

I could easily have thrown a few more hats onto this and a few more jackets as these twist ties are pretty strong.

create a hat rack from reusable bendable tie downs

I found out by sheer accident that these twist ties are rubber coated metal wire.  Hey…magnets stick to metal!  I grabbed a few of my daughter’s magnets to see if they would even stick and sure enough…

make a hat rack from reusable tie downs

hat rack created from reusable tie downs

I might purchase a few more of these for my daughter’s room.  I think it would be fun to bend them into a fun shape [hearts] or tie a few together that spell her name.

I had fun with this 5 minute project and especially love using products such as this in such a fun and unique way.

simple hat and coat rack made from reuseable tie downs

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3 Responses to hat+coat rack [made from the unexpected]

  1. Mom says:

    Very cute – who knew?! I’m surprised Killian can be “bought” for a fruit snack when poking his sister is so much more fun!!! ROFLMAO!!! xoxoxoxoxo MOM

  2. Julia says:

    Very clever! I already have a few ideas chasing each other in my head. Thanks for the inspiration!;)

  3. This is kinda ridiculously cool. I love the look—if you marketed it I would consider buying it!

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