Easy Tip for Creating a Boxwood Topiary

use a template to create the perfect topiaryI’m a sucker for a well-groomed topiary.  There is something a bit intoxicating about a trimmed boxwood, especially when they look like this:

8b87c15e72fd0ae4182f20124fd81430[via Pinterest, source unknown]

802f136fad90e2efd17f996a80db9cc4[Pinterest, source unknown]

Boxwood_BOXSC96_L[commercial silk]

5122BOXWOODTALL[spruce wholesale]

Love that last one!

During a recent trip [more like, all-day excursion] to IKEA I picked up a pair of these metal pots for our front porch.  They are a bit pricey, but are huge and are galvanized so they should last for the long haul and shouldn’t rust.

ikea_galvanized potsI was at our local nursery the very next day shopping for flowers and greenery to put in them.  I will honestly admit that I LOVE “gardening.”  I put that in quotes because I love planting things into the ground, but HATE maintaining them.  Not a good combination, I know.  Poor plants.

I purchased two boxwoods, trailing vines, hot pink flowers and white clumping ground cover to add some bulk.  [Forgive me for not knowing the true names of these lovelies...my brain can hold only so much info].

I planted everything and this is how it turned out.  [Going on one month now and everything is still alive!]

boxwood topiary created using a templateboxwoods become a topiary using a templatemake a perfect topiary using a templateI wanted to give these boxwoods a hair cut and wanted a nice shape to them.  Knowing far too well that I’m Edward Scissorhands when it comes to trimming hair, just ask my poor kids, I decided to make a template in order to restrain myself.

I grabbed a piece of cardboard from the garage and sketched out a half circle.  Once I was happy with the size and shape, I cut it out.

a perfect topiary created using a templatea template is used to create a topiaryI then rested my topiary template against my boxwoods and started trimming the shape.  My next investment is a good pair of pruning scissors; in the meantime I trimmed these guys with a regular pair of scissors.

topiaries made using a templateHere is how my topiary was shaping up just after 5 minutes of trimming:

make a perfect topiary using a template

After 10 minutes of trimming one was done!  Here is the before and after.

round topiaries made using a templateAnd here they are both trimmed and ready for summer.

perfect ball topiaries made using a templateusing a stencil to create a topiary shapeUsing the template helped ensure both topiaries were the same size and shape.  It was such a time saver and forced me to restrain my desire to go ape-s#$* on them.

use a template to create the perfect topiarysignature_hugs_amy

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