ikea hack [using marble contact paper]

ikea hack using marble contact paper

Have you ever searched for something on the world wide web [say "modern desk chair"] and found yourself drifting further and further down the rabbit hole?  Yes, I’m speaking about myself and from my search on desk chair I wound up on a site selling contact paper!!  I curse you, Al Gore for inventing the internet [she said tongue-in-cheek].

So, of course I bought a roll of contact paper in Carrera marble nonetheless!!  [While typing up this post I got side-tracked, searched for ceiling fans and wound up on a site that sells industrial plastics!  I swear I need help.]

Anyhoo…my contact paper arrived yesterday and in typical fashion I wasted no time finding a victim to adhere it to.

ikea makeover using marble contact paperIn case you don’t remember these, I hacked my IKEA lacks a while back with overlays.  Now repeat that fast 10 times.

They are still holding up just fine.  I just thought they could use a little face lift.  I gathered up the supplies and got busy.

using marble contact paper

After wiping off the surface with a slightly damp cloth I measured the top then cut to size, adding an extra 0.25″ to each side.

marble contact paper used on ikea lackikea lack makeover using faux marble contact paperThen I peeled the backing off by a few inches and gently placed it on the table.

ikea lack hack using marble contact paperUsing my wallpaper smoothing tool I started to squeeze out any air bubbles.

ikea lack refresh with marble contact paperOnce the first edges were smooth I started unrolling the remainder of the contact paper.  The technique I’ve found that works best is using the wallpaper tool to unroll the contact paper.

marble contact paper on ikea lackThis technique always works like a charm and yields the least number of air bubbles.

using marble contact paper on ikeaOnce you’ve covered your surface and squeezed out those nagging air bubbles, it’s time to trim off the excess contact paper.  I simply used my sharp utility knife.  You’re done!

marble contact paper refreshes ikea lackThe veining is very subtle and not over powering, which I like.  This contact paper has a glossy finish and is very durable.

ikea lack gets a refresh with marble contact paperusing marble contact paper on ikea lackfaux marble contact paper on ikeaI am starting to rack up the contact paper projects around here.  But, I still think it’s one of the cheapest, most fun, easy, quick ways to breathe new life into furniture and decor.  ikea hack using marble contact paperOh, and my plastics purchase arrived today so stay tuned for that project!


4 Responses to ikea hack [using marble contact paper]

  1. Amy this looks great and I love the table BTW too! You’ve got some great style lady! :)

  2. Looks great! I know painting faux marble is kinda in right now but I’d so rather use contact paper. Love the updated look!

  3. Tiffany says:

    Hi Amy!
    I’m looking for some marble contact paper. The link you used to marble contact paper doesn’t look quite the same as yours. Is it the one you used? Thanks!

  4. Christy says:


    I see the link you gave us does not match the contact paper you used. Is there any way you could send the correct link? I love your contact paper so much!

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