Repurposing: From Hangers to Picture Frames

If you’ve been touring around the blogosphere the past few days, you may have stumbled upon a few posts about the southern California fires.  As you may know, I live in SoCal.  I was within a few miles of at least 3 of the raging fires that were burning simultaneously.  It was one of the most raw, terrifying experiences I’ve had in quite some time.  And boy, I’ve had a few in my life!

The community I live in was evacuated and one of the most sobering things I experienced was deciding what to pack and save in case our house burned down.  Our evacuation order lasted 2 1/2 days and I’ve never been so happy to see our house as the day we returned.  Our driveway was covered with ash and while hosing off our patio I noticed the water was black!

20140514_115835 view from the parking lot of my daughter’s school Wednesday

20140514_112543Poinsettia fire [apx 1 mile from my daughter's school]. You can see one of the five helicopters that was battling this fire in this picture.

20140514_13391820140514_164737these pictures were taken from our house and are of two separate fires.  The fire in the above picture was the one that forced us to evacuate.

My family and I were safe at a friend’s house while over 2,000 firefighters were out in miserably high temperatures battling these fires.  I am beyond proud and so very thankful.  These men and women kick ass!

Life must go on though and things have returned back to normal.  So while I was unpacking our suitcases and the countless pictures I grabbed, a DIY-light bulb moment went off and this is the simple idea I came up with…

from trouser clamps to hanging picture displaysAll you need for this project are materials most of us already have in our homes.

trouser clamps become hanging picture displaystrouser clamps / glue stick / scissors / card stock / b+w print outs or copies of any pictures

I photocopied a ceramic tile of my kids’ handprints and trimmed off the excess.  Next rub the back of the paper with your glue stick.  Apply to any card stock [mine was given to me by my daughter's teacher and measures 8.5" x 11"]  You can use a manilla folder and cut to the same size.  You do need to use a card stock for these, as regular paper is so thin it will curl.  [duh!]

I made three [the "love" script I did myself with a Sharpie marker on an envelope] and the abstract b+w was a print out from a free clip art website.  Total cost:  FREE!

Next slip your picture in between the clamps and hang on the wall!  It doesn’t get any easier than that.

hanging picture displays made from trouser clamps

creating hanging picture frames from trouser hangersclamps for pants become hanging picture displayspicture frames made from trouser hangersturn trouser clamps into hanging picture framesclamps for pants become hanging picture displaysHave you repurposed anything lately?  Share and I’ll happily showcase it for you!

from trouser clamps to hanging picture displayssignature_hugs_amy



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  1. So glad you and your family (and your home) are safe. I was thinking about you…

    I have a hanger of that sort saved up for exactly that reason. Love that look/idea!

  2. I’m also so glad you guys are ok. So scary! You must live close to my friend Sarah from Lacquer & Linen then.

    I love the hanger idea. So fun!

  3. orsay54 says:

    So happy that you are OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay safe!

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