DIY | pottery barn inspired rustic lantern

how to make a pottery barn rustic lanternAs I was putting myself to sleep the other night…HGTV softly playing in the background, favorite home decor magazines scattered all over the bed, laptop open to my favorite websites…I came across this image…

lanternI was so bleary-eyed that I forgot to jot down where I found this image, but found a very similar, almost identical one listed at One Kings Lane.

The old DIY light-bulb went off and all I could think about for the next hour or so was “I can totally make that!”  Another sleepless night.  Does that happen to you?

My son was at pre school the other day and my daughter had a friend over so I seized the moment and banged out my version of this rustic lantern in an hour.

pottery barn inspired diy rustic lanternDid I need a rustic lantern?  No.  Did I have a blast though re creating this with materials I had in the garage?  Yep!  The best part was I sneaked in Mommy-time and no kids were bored to death or neglected in the process.  :)

diy rustic wood lanternbuild a pottery barn lanternI will be sharing the tutorial this week and you will get a chuckle when I tell you some of the materials I wound up using.  Typical Amy though! :)

Until then here are a few more pictures to tie you over…

how to build a pottery barn lanternhow to make a pottery barn rustic lanternsignature_hugs_amy



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  1. This is awesome! I like yours better than the PB version.

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