Ugly Desk Makeover

Well hello!  My long absence is attributed to a week-long camping trip to our favorite spot 40 minutes away.  It might as well be 4 states away as it always feels like a different world.  The kiddos, hub and myself spent our days swimming, crafting, playing, bike riding and socializing with some amazing people.  We always meet the most wonderful people while camping and this time was no exception.  We returned Monday and I’ve been dragging the old rear end since.  Grocery shopping yesterday was quite the chore.

Before we took off, I snapped a few pictures of my most recent and fulfilling DIY.  Remember the post about my $20 craigslist desk?  It used to look like this

bringing beauty back to an old desk from craigslist



While the kids were in a week-long gymnastics camp a couple weeks ago I decided to tackle this guy and give him a makeover.  I will write my tutorial later this week, but in the meantime enjoy the after pics.

craigslist desk makeover


craigslist desk gets a major makeover


an ugly craigslist desk gets a makeover


choosing an ugly beat up desk from craigslist instead of buying new


Here is the BEFORE [dark, dark, dark]

an ugly desk gets a makeover


And the AFTER [much lighter and brighter]

how to makeover a craigslist desk


how to paint an ugly desk


how to makeover a craigslist desk


As hesitant as I was to paint a wood desk, I just couldn’t justify stripping, sanding then staining a desk that cost me $20.  Plus, I’ve seen a ton of these desks for sale on craigslist.  As it turned out, painting this desk and adding the maple veneer and edging took me 3 days.  It was so worth it though.

bringing beauty back to an old desk from craigslist


craigslist desk makeover


Want to know the most impressive part of this DIY?  The fact that I actually finished it and didn’t get distracted half way through!






3 Responses to Ugly Desk Makeover

  1. Gwen says:

    That is gorgeous! I do so love a good desk makeover.

  2. Amy says:

    So much better! Love how you lightened it up. Can’t wait to see the full tutorial.

  3. j7m says:

    That is SO pretty! I just love colorful makeovers of old furniture.

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