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a unique gallery wall

Sorry for all the bathroom posts this week!  I swear I will move out of the bathroom and into another room after today’s post.  :-)   Remember I gave you a little sneak peek in yesterday’s post of what was to come today…

make your own diy red funky and modern towel holder

Yep…I created a [quirky] gallery wall in the kids’ bathroom…but in true AMY FASHION I took it to the bizarre next step and created a gallery wall on their mirror!

use kids art to create a unique art gallery on bathroom mirror

I am not the biggest fan of gallery walls as I think they are a trend and just not my personal style.  But when you’ve accumulated thousands upon thousands of kiddie art projects that must be kept at all costs [their words, not mine] what choice do you have?  I succumbed to my apprehension of gallery walls and created a quirky one.  I’m just that rebellious and cannot do what everyone else is doing.  My Mom is nodding her head right now as she reads this.  :-)

kids unique gallery wall on bathroom mirror


I gathered up my favorite works of theirs and thought the bright colors were just what the blah-builder-grade-Godzilla-sized-mirror was begging for.  Obviously I used very lightweight canvas paintings and the framed works are very light as well.  They are simply award frames I purchased at Michael’s.  No glass, just plastic.  I attached each of these masterpieces with Command double sided tape.

Command 0.6-in Two-Sided Tape

create a fun kids art gallery on a bathroom mirror

Attaching their artwork to their bathroom mirror also serves as a cute dividing line between “his” and “her” space.  I’m hoping this alleviates some of the nagging and fighting.

unique kids art gallery created on a bathroom mirror

make a unique kids art gallery on a bathroom mirror

create a unique kids art gallery wall on a bathroom mirror

This is actually a pen/pencil holder and desk tray I purchased from Poppin but I like it much better holding their toothbrushes, toothpaste and Zahnputzuhr (loosely translated…teeth cleaning clock).  The color is fun and goes with their new wallpapered wall.

making a unique art gallery from kids artwork on a bathroom mirror

kids unique gallery wall on bathroom mirror

use kids art to create a unique art gallery on bathroom mirror

In case you’re wondering that Command tape is still holding STRONG!  I don’t see these pictures coming down….EVER!!  :-)

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unique updates to the kids’ bathroom

I can’t believe I can honestly say that I FINISHED a project!!  Oh happy day!!  Usually I have the attention span of one of my children whenever I start any elaborate project.  This means I have a stockpile few projects either laying around our garage, or staring me in the face inside the house.  BUT…I must have found something captivating about the board and batten in the kids’ bathroom, as I finished it within days and not months.  I took these pictures at night which explains the funky colors.

kids bathroom_board_batten

kids bathroom_hooks

 All done, right?  Yeah right.  How come when I finish a project there is usually a trail of little projects right behind?  Notice the blue wall?  I will probably finish painting the rest of the bathroom…umm…

So anyway…I always found it strange that there are no towel holders right at the sink.  I can’t stand the idea of washing your hands then dripping at least a cup of water all over the floor in order to dry them.  Not to mention, I am that paranoid mom who worries about the kids slipping on the tile floor and smacking their heads.

I used something a little unconventional to solve this problem.  Hold backs and a curtain clip.

kids bathroom_hold back2

kids bathroom_hold back

I purchased these hold backs from Lowe’s and the curtain clips were a Big Lots purchase.

kids bathroom_finial gone2

Why the curtain clip you ask?  Well it keeps the towel nice and neat, easy to access, off the counter top therefore keeping the clutter to a minimum, and it’s just different.

On my list of things that I would love to do to the house is create frames for each of the mirrors in our 4 bathrooms.  I am not the biggest fan of the builder grade mirrors as I think they’re an after thought.  I decided to take the cheap and easy route and do something a little different and hang a picture in front of the mirror in the kids’ bathroom.

kids bathroom mirror

Notice what is “holding” up the picture?  I unscrewed one of the crystal finials from the hold back and screwed it into the wall.

kids bathroom_crystal finial

It is secure enough and won’t be coming down without some tugging, but it cannot hold the weight of this picture.  So I hammered a nail into the wall, hung the picture from that and screwed the crystal just underneath the nail in order to camouflage it.

kids bathroom_nail

I stapled some jute rope to the back of this canvas in order to suspend it right over the mirror.

kids bathroom_art hanger

Then this always happens mid-way through a photo shoot…one of them always finds me…

kids bathroom_ninja turtle

I do like the way the picture looks and it also serves a secret purpose.  It acts like a dividing line for the kids to stay on their own side of the bathroom, especially during teeth brushing.  Don’t ask me why, but brushing teeth brings out the “best” in them.  I have to say since I’ve had this picture up, it’s been a little calmer in there.

I don’t however like the picture itself (it was a cheap Home Goods purchase), plus it’s not very fun for a kids’ bathroom.  So I have plans (oh surprise, yet another project in the making!) to wrap the canvas in a funky print and wrap the jute rope in gold duck tape.

kids bathroom_new look


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DIY | Modern Feather Art


Like most of you out there I am addicted to anything gold!  I sometimes find myself standing in our garage with a can of gold spray paint in my hands just itching to “shoot” something.  I am also drawn to art!  Anything custom, weird, unique and meaningful that speaks to me and I’m all over it.  I decided to combine the two for this latest DIY art project.

I am so lucky to have a first grader attend a school where peacocks roam freely.  No joke.  Her school is connected to a working ranch and you can always find on average 10 peacocks roaming amongst the kids.  It’s the most amazing thing.  Anyhoo, my 6 year old has amassed quite a collection of peacock feathers.  I was either going to make a feather duster with them or use a couple for an art piece.  So I decided to take the less tacky approach and make a custom piece of art.

spray feather

I gave one of the peacock feathers a quick spray of gold.

on paper

then blotted it onto a piece of white glossy contact paper.  It shows the detail much better than a regular piece of white paper.


I added a word of inspiration.

gluing string

Then glued some jute string around the edges (it just adds something extra, plus hides my imperfect cutting job).

done gluing

in gold

Yes, more gold!  I gave an old crappy frame a quick spray of gold, but decided to add some black electrical tape to the edges for some funkiness.


I just love it and love that it has a sweet memory attached to it.  So what better place to hang this sweet custom piece of art than our master bathroom!

on display

I know it might sound tacky, but this is where I start and finish my day.  I hung it next to my favorite framed saying so I always start my day with a boost of inspiration.


This project was completely free and took 20 minutes.  I can pass for now on making that feather duster!



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