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DIY Sculpture Pedestal

diy sculpture pedestal using things on hand

I’m back today with another quick DIY that came to my mind after stumbling upon this beautiful image…

shelves styled with baskets


What caught my eye immediately was the simple tree branch decoration on her shelf.  I thought, “I bet I could make one using all the crap I have in my garage of those!” Believe it not the challenging part of this project for me was finding a tree branch as ornate as the one she has!  So I used a piece of driftwood I had on hand instead.

To start, I corralled my supplies+materials:

make your own sculpture pedestal

The wood block measures 5.5″ x 5.5″ and wood dowel is 5/8″ thick and 7″ tall.

diy sculpture pedestal

(I patched some holes on this block so it would be smooth – it’s been laying around our house forever!)

Since my dowel is 5/8″ thick I used a 5/8″ spade drill bit (duh!) to make a hole in the center of my block; then I filled up the hole halfway with wood glue.

make a sculpture pedestal

Insert your dowel so it’s nice and snug.

diy make a sculpture pedestal

My little “Price is Right” model demonstrating for you.

diy sculpture pedestal using scrap wood

Once the glue was a bit dry (apx 30 mins) I gave my piece a quick spray with flat black paint.

make your own diy sculpture pedestaldiy your own sculpture pedestal

To add a bit of pizazz I grabbed some small gold L-brackets and decorative antique brass tacks and attached them to each corner.

make a sculpture pedestal diy

diy a sculptural object using objects around the house

The last step is to attach any decorative object to the top.  Like I said, it was challenging getting my hands on an ornate branch (we live in a fairly new development and the trees around my house are just babies) so I chose this fun shaped piece of driftwood instead.  We have had this forever (pre-kiddos) and I still love the fact that it looks like an antique shoe form.  I used some Gorilla Tape on the bottom to attach it, as I don’t want to damage the driftwood.

There you have it…another quick, inexpensive DIY project today!  Please come back soon as I have two projects [one I actually FINISHED] in the works that are pretty cool [I said so modestly!].  :-)

diy sculpture pedestal using things on hand

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a kids christmas keepsake [burlap wall hanging]

christmas keepsake burlap wall hanging

I cannot take credit for this adorable idea.  My daughter brought this sweet burlap reindeer wall hanging home right before her Christmas break last year when she was in kindergarten.  sniff. sniff.  Her teachers had each child make one and I loved this idea so much that I made one with my son this year.

Here is what my daughter’s looks like

burlap wall hanging kids craft idea

It’s amazing to see how her writing has progressed too!

So here is what you will need to create this special keepsake with your own kids or grandkids

  • brown burlap
  • thick tree branch [or thin dowel]
  • ribbon of your choice
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • Elmer’s glue
  • brown [washable] paint
  • white+black felt
  • glitter [red, gold, or colors of your choice]
  • a kid

To start I cut a piece of burlap to 16″ x 20″.

christmas keepsake_kids burlap wall hanging

This next part is so important if you do not want the edges to fray.  Remove one strand of burlap along 3 sides of your piece.  Once you do that, pull out the strands of burlap just below that one you removed.

special christmas keepsake_kids burlap wall hanging

kids christmas keepsake_burlap wall hanging

You should now be left with something that looks like this

burlap christmas wall hanging_kids keepsake

I grabbed a stick [my son is a "stick magnet" so it's easy to find one] and simply wrapped the remaining edge over the stick and hot glued it.

burlap wall hanging_christmas kids keepsake

I added some of my favorite red+white ribbon as the hanger and tied it onto the stick

kids christmas wall hanging_burlap keepsake

Our stick was a bit too large so I simply sawed it down a bit.  Looks pretty already huh?

Now for the fun [and messy part].  I did this next step outside [sorry to anyone reading this while buried up to your eyeballs in snow].

christmas keepsake_a kids burlap wall hanging

The only brown washable paint I had on hand was this copper colored glaze by Martha Stewart.  [I have NO idea what project I originally bought this for].  I poured about 1 cup of this into a plastic container, grabbed my boy and had him do a practice run…

kids christmas keepsake_a burlap wall hanging

We dipped his right foot into the paint, wiped off the excess and pressed his tootsie onto the center of the burlap

kids christmas keepsake_burlap rudolph wall hanging

Next was to make our reindeer’s antlers so we repeated this step with both of his hands

kids christmas keepsake_a burlap rudolph wall hanging

Tell me this isn’t a project right up his alley

burlap wall hanging_a kids keepsake

So after hosing him off [not joking] I started adding the glittery details

a burlap wall hanging_kids christmas keepsake

I found this glitter pack at Target for $3.99 [in the kids' craft section].  It comes with green, red, gold, silver, white, pink, purple and even black!

a kids christmas keepsake_burlap wall hanging

I added the red first and made Rudolph’s nose and added my boy’s name

a christmas keepsake_burlap wall hanging

Then the year in gold glitter

a kids keepsake_burlap wall hanging

I wanted to use the white glitter for his eyes, but poor Rudolph looked possessed so I grabbed my box-o-felt and made his eyes from that instead.

a kids christmas keepsake_rudolph burlap wall hanging

a christmas kids keepsake_burlap wall hangingl

a kids special christmas keepsake_burlap wall hanging

To add some more detail, I put a glob of Elmer’s glue onto each antler tip and sprinkled black+gold glitter on top.  I wanted to add more glitter, but at this point I thought it was pretty and had to force myself to stop.  Now just let all the glue dry [I let my dry overnight before hanging it up] and enjoy your sweet keepsake for years to come.

a kids keepsake_rudolph burlap wall hanging

a kids christmas keepsake_burlap christmas wall hanging

Here are both kids’ keepsakes.  This is such a fun [and a little messy, but who cares] project to do with your kids.  And if you’re in need of a last minute gift idea for the Grandparents this is a good one!

christmas keepsake burlap wall hanging


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DIY Silhouette in 10 minutes

I have always loved the simplicity of silhouette portraits.  Whether young or old, a person’s essence is captured in time in a very simple, elegant way.  (And not to mention, this project is stinkin’ EASY!!)

I wanted to create one for my kids while they are still young (6 &3 years old).  Knowing my kids would not sit still for an hour for me to sketch their little profiles, I came up with a 10 minute way to create a silhouette portrait!  BOOM!


All you need for this project are the following:

Camera (I used my cell phone camera)




Card Stock Paper (scrap booking paper works great!)

Double-Sided Tape -or- Glue Stick

Old Frame  (or new!)


Snap a picture of your child’s profile.  I found that sitting my kids in front of a bright window and taking off the flash helped define their profile features the best.



Print out your images.  I’m sure there’s a way to print from your phone, but instead I emailed myself these pictures then printed them out on our inkjet.


Cut out your child’s (or whoever’s) face.  I used our hair cutting scissors as they gave me the best results.


Grab a piece of card stock or scrap booking paper and trace the profile onto it.


Now simply cut out the profile on this card stock.  I used what I had on hand and used a linen colored paper.  I think these would also look awesome in a turquoise, hot pink, lime green, or a patterned paper. (I’m still diggin anything chevron).


Now that you have the spitting image of your child’s profile in your hands, grab a frame!  I had 2 identical frames from Costco in each of my kids’ rooms.   Either use double-side tape or glue stick to adhere this to another piece of cardstock.  I simply glued these cut outs to the black mat that was already in the frame. You definitely want to use a contrasting color so the profile pops out.


I hand wrote the month and year I made these on the very bottom of the piece.  It’s barely noticeable, but I like it that way.

From start (snapping a picture of their profiles) to finish (nailing the completed project onto the wall) took all of 10 minutes!



PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage2

I know, right??!??!  I just love these.  You can even do this with a beloved pet, grandparent, anyone!!




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