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Chandelier Wrap made from hula hoops


If you follow this blog then you are well aware of the ongoing battle I’m waging with our dining room chandelier.  I think this latest change now makes #5 (and counting!).  I  wish I could say that this is it, but I know myself too well.

So this idea came about after I made this decorative orb out of hula hoops.  It stayed for about 2 weeks in our living room as just a simple, funky art piece.  You can read my tutorial here.



One day I just decided that I didn’t like it just laying there and every person who entered the house asking me, “What is that thing supposed to be?”  So I decided to wrap it around our existing (builder-grade) chandelier because…well, just because!  :-)

Just to refresh, this is the way our chandelier looked most recently (just a poor naked thing)…


After removing the zip ties from the top of the orb, I simply slid it around the chandelier and secured it to the chain so it wouldn’t plop on anyone’s head during a dinner party.  After 2 minutes of adjusting the hula hoops so it didn’t look like an Easter egg, here is what it looks like now:


Pretty funky, huh?  I think I like it.  But haven’t I said that about every change to this chandelier?  :-)   All kidding aside, I do like this look and I have to agree with what my husband said today, “Honey, can you please move on to a different room now?”

I had to touch up a few spots where the gold spray paint rubbed off while I was wrapping it around the chandelier chain.  Normally I would have said a few colorful words, but I found these amazing oil-based paint pens at (of all places) TARGET!  These little pens have changed my life and they come in handy at times like this. I also used them to draw the designs on my Ballard Designs knock off mirrors.



I also ran my gold paint pen along the edges of the “arms” on the chandelier to add some gold accents.  If my paint job got a bit sloppy I simply touched up with the black paint pen.



And there you have it!  Turn almost any light fixture into a funky orb chandelier using hula hoops, gold spray paint, and a few zip ties!




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dining room: before/during+current

current_collageOur dining room is the one room in our house that I just cannot leave alone.  I have covered all the chairs in slipcovers, made pillows for each chair, stenciled two 12ft drop cloths to use as drapes, added two very large plants, made two mirrors, etc, etc, etc.  This room is my ongoing challenge, but I think I have reached a point where I can take a break and enjoy it.  I thought I would share some pictures of the progress of this room – from move-in day, to my first attempt at decorating it, and current.  I hope you enjoy!


move_in_daySorry for the fuzzy phone pics, but you get the idea.



I could find only one picture of the room in its initial stage of decorating.

Like any move, the first few months were a hectic blur.  Decorating was the last thing on my mind therefore furniture was thrown in each room and forgotten about.  For the most part the furniture in our dining room has stayed where we originally put it (there are very few options).  I did move the “buffet” (it’s actually my husband’s bachelor dresser) to a new location recently, but that’s it as far as re arranging.


Here are some recent “during” pictures.  We were in our home for about 5 months when I discovered Pinterest (I know I’m behind!).  That’s when my world changed and I found my passion…design!  Ever since then I have been going nuts (just ask the kids and husband)!


during_collageI got the basics done to the room at this point: drapes, color scheme, rug, art.  From this stage I’ve just been constantly tweaking it.  You can see some progress in the next batch of photos.


current_labelAnd here is where we are today (literally…I just took these pictures today).  I moved the dresser buffet to a different location and like it much better.  Other than that I’ve added a few things from around the house.




These mirrors used to be in my son’s room, but I thought they look better here.  I made these mirrors using this tutorialTotal cost: $10.




The only thing I purchased in the above picture was the fiddle leaf fig tree.  These guys can cost a pretty penny, but I stumbled across this huge one at Home Depot for $65.  Normally you’d pay twice that for a fiddle leaf this size.



I sketched the above picture just a few years ago (like 20!) when I was in college.  It had been in my portfolio all those years until my daughter asked to see my artwork.  She liked this picture so much that I finally decided to display it in the house.  I think this was an ad for shampoo and I drew the model.


I also painted the above picture.  There is a funny story behind this.  This chunk of wood used to be hanging in the model house just across the street from us.  There used to be a surfer girl beneath all my paint.  The sweet lady that purchased the model home literally waddled over with the surfer painting in hand while she was 7 months pregnant with her first baby!  I have quickly become the “junk collector” on our street and whenever a neighbor wants to toss something they come to me first to see if I’d like to re-purpose it.  I love it!!!



My maiden name was “Raymond” so when the husband and I go to Napa (once every 8 years!) we visit the Raymond Winery.  I purchased this box and gave it a quick stain.


I purchased these antique skeleton keys from an etsy store.  I had no idea they were coming from Romania until I checked the status of my order after 3 weeks and not receiving them yet.  I joke with my kids that these keys came from Frankenstein’s castle!



“Cheers” sign came from our recent trip to Napa.


I love this thing.  It’s just kitchen twine I wrapped around a beach ball, then sprayed with Stiffen Stuff and painted a bright orange.  (Note: for something this large I recommend using Elmer’s Glue+water mix instead).  My poor string ball is deflating, but I still like the shape+color.



I painted the handles on my husband’s dresser using the same process I used in our guest bedroom.







I used a throw blanket from our master bedroom on this chair to soften it a bit.


I made this floral pillow cover using 2 napkins I purchased from World Market. No sewing.  I used Heat ‘n Bond on 3 sides and have yet to sew the bottom closed.  I’m still hoping our friends don’t ever pick up this pillow!




Using drop cloths as drapes is nothing new to the DIY world, but when you’re pricing 12ft custom ones online you really have no choice (unless you’re a Rockefeller!).  My drapes cost apx $45. I stenciled these using this great tutorial.




These skeleton keys are from that same etsy order.  These shadow boxes are from my husband’s bachelor decor and used to have Chinese medallions in them.  I used the back side to glue a few keys on and some scrap pieces of fabric I had.  The Chinese medallions are on the backside now so when we want to switch them again I just need to remove the tape.


Last but not least….the dreaded light fixture!  This poor guy has been through at least 5 changes.  None of them I really loved, so for now he’s naked and I like the bare bulb look (for now).

current_collageThere is our dining room for now.  I’m taking a break from it for a little while and moving onto other rooms.  I will have other room tours up very soon so stay tuned!

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