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Family Room Tweaking+Unusual Coffee Table

A big HELLO+THANK YOU to those of you new followers!  Hang on to your hats…it tends to get weird around here.  :-)

Today I’m sharing our family room again.  Here are a few BEFORE pictures and the way it looked like for about a year.





The furniture was placed in a pretty traditional layout and everything was pushed up against the walls.  I really wanted to push myself out of the typical-furniture-placement-comfort-zone plus I could not stand the “chocolate candy bar looking coffee table” any longer.  It’s all your eye was drawn to and it sucked the life out of this room.  I even tried wrapping it in fabric to lighten it up a bit. So the coffee table you see in the above picture is now upstairs and serving as a little couch for my kiddos [I'll post on that a bit later].

So after 5 HOURS of re arranging furniture [I wish I was joking...there is not one square room in this house which makes furniture placement a pain in the a@#] this is the new layout of the room…

using kids train table as a coffee table

I’m sure you guys reading who have kids can immediately tell what is now serving as our coffee table!  Yes, it’s my son’s train table!  After re arranging their playroom I was left with this monster of a toy and had no clue where to put it.  I thought about ripping my boy’s bedroom closet doors off and shoving this table in his closet.  BUT…knowing my husband would NOT be a happy camper about that, I decided to take the less-heart-anxiety approach and re purpose it.

a kids train table becomes a coffee table

I actually LOVE it and it has a Scandinavian appeal to it.  Isn’t that the trend for 2014 anyway?  Win. Win.  I also like how it brightens the room up.  So without spending a dime, the room went from a pretty traditional one to a modern fresh one.


using a kids train table as coffee table

To camouflage the table a bit and fool any guests that we are using my son’s toy as our coffee table I draped a faux sheepskin rug over it.  It looks funky and I love it.

using a childs train table as a coffee table

kids train table becomes a coffee table

re purposing a kids train table as a coffee table

When little man wants to break out his engineering skills, all we do is throw the rug on the floor and he starts building!

a childs train table becomes a coffee table

childs train table becomes a coffee table

kids train table re purposed as a coffee table

I’m going to call this room “done” for now.  I do have to paint it and perhaps add wood planking to one wall, but that won’t happen until I convince the hub it will look awesome!

a kids train table becomes a coffee table


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my first vintage finds

So after my rambling the other day, I mentioned that I made a trip to a local+funky vintage shop.  Since I am just venturing into the whole mid-century modern thing I decided I should probably take baby steps so I was very thankful that this shop is tiny and not jam-packed.

vintage shop outside[via my instagram feed]

I found this place after spotting a few amazing mid-century modern pieces on craigslist that I absolutely loved (and the prices of his vintage treasures were jaw-dropping).  Here are some pics I snapped of his amazing stuff

vintage desk

vintage credenza

vintage green beauty

Crazy right?

vintage toys

vintage typewriter

You know you’re old when you used a typewriter and now see them for sale in vintage+antique shops!

vintage chairsdrool.

vintage hair dryerthe funniest hair dryer I’ve ever seen

Here is what I came home with


The lamp bases are not technically MCM, but they are such a gorgeous color (almost a bronze) and metal.  I paid $40.  I love vintage hard back books (who doesn’t?) and bought 3 for $2 each.   I love love love armillaries and when I spotted this vintage one I snatched it up.  The little ornate box is something I never thought I’d buy, but I kept picking it up, putting it down, picking it up, etc.  When I do that I figure there’s a reason so I grabbed it and paid $10.  For under $80 I came home with some unique things.

The hard part was finding just the right spot for each.   After much trial and error here is where their new homes are

vintage_lamp end table

vintage lamp_detail

vintage_lamp behind couch

vintage_blue couch

vintage_sedgewick2our buddy “Sedgewick”

vintage_box styled with books


vintage_armillary styled

vintage_armillary side view

The owner of this shop is not only super cool, but very knowledgeable about MCM.  He also said something that struck a cord with a me, “Mid-century modern is one of those design styles that people don’t realize they love.  Once you purchase a piece of MCM furniture you instantly become hooked.  MCM evokes an emotion and just makes you feel good.”

‘Nuff said.


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