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a fake plant gets a makeover

a fake plant gets a modern makeover and overhaul

Do you ever have a bazillion things you NEED to get done, but your brain gets distracted for a split second and you’re off giving a fake plant a makeover?  No?!   Crap, I’m weird.

In the midst of running around the house like a lunatic today prepping for a huge business dinner party my husband and I are hosting tomorrow night, I decided to hack apart this fake thing…

transforming a fake plant into a gold trophy

Why??   It was my sanity break in the middle of my crazy day.  Do you have an item in your house that just bugs the crap out of you, but for some strange reason you hold onto it?  Well this fake plant has been with us for 6 years and has bugged the crap out of me for that long.  I bought it at Costco.  Today was the day though this guy got hacked.  So I threw this poor unsuspecting-outdated mess- of-fake-plantness in our backyard, ripped him apart and got out my new favorite gold spray paint.

transform a fake plant into a gold trophy with some paint

Just one light coat later and I was left with a golden trophy!

transform a fake outdated plant into a gold trophy

It’s just a notch shy of being gaudy.  I like it!

turning an outdated fake plant into a beauty

For now I decided to fill this golden beauty with a real plant, but see white tulips in the near future.

turning an outdated faux plant into a gold beauty

changing an outdated fake plant into a gold beauty

changing an old fake plant into a gold beauty

I have to say this guy has come a long way.

before and after changing a fake plant into a modern beauty

If I drank champagne, I think this would make a lovely champagne bucket.

a fake plant gets a modern makeover and overhaul

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Funky Vase makeover using nail polish

funky vase make over with gold spray paint and black nail polish

This latest DIY was born after I read a recent post from The Little Green Notebook.  I was so inspired by Jenny’s vase makeover that I just had to try it myself.  Not to mention, it’s so fast and fool-proof.

 photo IMG_8185.jpg


I love the look of this vase, but was even more in awe after reading that this was a cheap-y vase she simply splattered black nail polish into and spray painted deep red!

I rummaged through my stash (aka collection-o-crap) and found a perfect vase for this makeover.  Instead of red, I knew I wanted to make mine gold.

funky vase makeover using nail polish

funky vase makeover using black nail polishI also used my black nail polish.

funky vase makeover with black nail polish

Instead of the splatter-technique Jenny used, I poured huge globs of nail polish into the vase and started swirling it around.  I did this about 5 times and I was left with this abstract, funky look.

funky vase makeover with gold spray paint+nail polish

I flipped the vase over and decided to let gravity do its thing.  I knew some of the nail polish would drip down the sides and I was excited to see what the final outcome would be.  So after apx 30 minutes I came back to check on the vase and this is what I found…

funky vase using black nail polish

The nail polish dripped down on just one side and at first I was scratching my head wondering if I liked it or not.  But I decided to keep going and wait to judge after it was completely finished.

funky vase makeover with black nail polish_gold spray paint

 I wrapped up the vase with a trash bag, secured it with 2 rubber bands and sprayed the inside with gold spray paint.

funky vase makeover with black nail polish and spray paint

I was so excited to see the final vase, so I didn’t waste any time and ripped the bag off immediately to find this…

funky vase makeover with gold spray paint and nail polish

 I LOOOOVE it!!  It’s abstract, modern, funky…all of my favorite adjectives.

funky vase made with black nail polish and gold paint

funky vase made over with black nail polish and gold paint

funky vase made with gold paint and black nail polish

This could not be easier and you’re only limited by your imagination.

funky vase make over with gold paint and black nail polish

 I put the vase in our first floor bathroom and placed a battery-operated* candle in it.  The glow from the candle against the gold paint is just gorgeous! [*I DO NOT recommend using a real candle in this vase, as the spray paint is very flammable.]

funky vase make over using black nail polish and gold paint

I don’t know about you, but I have a small collection of clear, floral vases under my kitchen sink that I am now going to hold onto!  I’m thinking of making one in turquoise, plum and maybe use white nail polish and black spray paint!  Like I said, the possibilities are endless!

funky vase make over with gold spray paint and black nail polishsignature_hugs_amy

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salt dough ornaments

salt dough_overlay


Nothing like living in a neighborhood where people have their Christmas decorations up the day after Thanksgiving to put the pressure on! Normally I have my tree up just before Christmas, but I succumbed to the pressure I put on myself this year and put up the kids’ tree on Sunday. 

After I read Bethany’s post about making salt dough ornaments I was immediately inspired to make these with my kids. So I corralled them into the kitchen, still in pj’s, and we made a big batch.  I used this recipe instead, as I do not have Bethany’s patience.  I was immediately brought back to my childhood.  I remember making salt dough ornaments with my mom and I love any opportunity to re create sweet memories I had as a child with my own two kiddos. 

Photo: Making salt dough Xmas ornaments in our pj's. Takes me back to my childhood.

Once we rolled out the dough, we sifted through the ridiculous number of cookie cutters and went to town.  Two hours later, they were done and ready to paint!

laying them out

I let my kiddos do the “dirty work” [heck, they offered!] of giving each ornament a light sanding to get the rough “nubbies” off.  After that it was a free-for-all with the paint! 

all done

In less than 10 minutes this was the state of our ornaments!



I of course grabbed the gold spray paint [surprise! surprise!] and decorated a few of my own.

moose_antique look

This paint job was one of those happy accidents.  I sprayed a light coat of turquoise on this guy first, then while that was still wet I sprayed a light mist of gold on top.  I love the antique look that was created and I repeated this process on a couple more ornaments that I had to pry out of my kids’ hands.



This one is my favorite.


As we were finishing, this is what Mother Nature displayed for us. 

star on tree

I wrapped some thin jute rope through the hole and hung these lovelies on the kids’ tree.  Stay tuned for the final reveal of their tree this week!

on the tree



I love these and just like I did when I was my daughter’s age, I licked one!  :-)   Aahh, the memories

salt dough_overlay


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