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please step all over me [IKEA hack]

ikea bekvam step stool hack

I’m baaaaaaaack!  Whew…that was a fun, jam-packed, exhausting August!  Two week trip to FL.  Daughter’s 7th Birthday Party.  Return to School for Both Kiddos.  My Birthday. The last few weeks have kicked my ass and honestly my little blog has suffered.  Oh, dear blog I do love you so and I promise to be more attentive.

Before we left for Florida, I tackled a DIY that I’ve been wanting to do for years!  Yep, YEARS!  If you have kids, or are vertically-challenged like myself [I'm 5'3" and swear I'm shrinking!] then chances are you probably have an IKEA BEKVÄM stool somewhere in your house.  Ours has been a permanent fixture in the past two kitchens as I cannot reach the top cabinets.  My husband thinks it’s “so cute” that I have to use this stool. Men!  ;-)

After many years of dirty feet, food, dog spit, kids’ spit, paint, little bums, you-name-it, our poor stool looked like this [everytime I look at this thing I hear horror music ringing in my ears]

ikea hack step stool_adding photos

I whipped out my gloss spray paint and gave the stool two coats [skip painting the top]

adding photos to ikea step stool

Let it dry and cure for at least a couple hours before tackling the next step.

personalizing an ikea step stool

I rounded up a few of my favorite pictures of the kids, hub, myself [very few of those exist] and made black+white copies on our printer.  I cut off the excess and laid them down to get a feel for where they would look best.

ikea step stool gets personalized

To attach my photos I sprayed the back of each with a light mist of this Krylon spray adhesive.  When spraying pictures or paper, it’s important to choose an acid-free adhesive.  This will ensure the paper doesn’t disintegrate.

an ikea step stool gets personalized with family photos

After all the pictures were in place, I let the adhesive completely dry for an hour.  Then I ran my [sharp] utility knife around the top of the stool to cut off the excess paper.

how to ikea hack a step stool

To preserve this very personal treasure and ward off any spills that are headed its way, I applied 3 light coats of this heavy duty oil-based poly.  It dries clear and even though the finish is satin, it dries a bit glossy which was just fine with moi.  [be sure to do this either outside or in a well-ventilated area and always wear a mask]

ikea hack_personalizing a step stool

I let this dry outside for at least 3 days before using it.  This should ensure that any toxic fumes are gone and that the poly has cured completely.

Now you can enjoy stepping all over yourself for years to come!  ;)

how to makeover ikea step stool

ikea hack_step stool

how to hack an ikea step stool

I swear my little man is going to be the next “Emeril” cuz the kid loves to cook.  As soon as my picture-taking was done, he asked if he could make his famous souffle [strawberries, blackberries, salt, honey, balsamic vinegar, pepper, and I think he sneaked some mustard in there as well.  BAM!!  ;)

ikea step stool gets a makeover


makeover an ikea step stool


how to makeover an ikea step stool


I love this project and it was so easy.  I love these personal ones especially and everybody loves seeing themselves frozen in time.  I think this would make a special [Christmas] present for the grandparents!

ikea bekvam step stool hack


See you soon!!


ikea hack [using marble contact paper]

ikea hack using marble contact paper

Have you ever searched for something on the world wide web [say "modern desk chair"] and found yourself drifting further and further down the rabbit hole?  Yes, I’m speaking about myself and from my search on desk chair I wound up on a site selling contact paper!!  I curse you, Al Gore for inventing the internet [she said tongue-in-cheek].

So, of course I bought a roll of contact paper in Carrera marble nonetheless!!  [While typing up this post I got side-tracked, searched for ceiling fans and wound up on a site that sells industrial plastics!  I swear I need help.]

Anyhoo…my contact paper arrived yesterday and in typical fashion I wasted no time finding a victim to adhere it to.

ikea makeover using marble contact paperIn case you don’t remember these, I hacked my IKEA lacks a while back with overlays.  Now repeat that fast 10 times.

They are still holding up just fine.  I just thought they could use a little face lift.  I gathered up the supplies and got busy.

using marble contact paper

After wiping off the surface with a slightly damp cloth I measured the top then cut to size, adding an extra 0.25″ to each side.

marble contact paper used on ikea lackikea lack makeover using faux marble contact paperThen I peeled the backing off by a few inches and gently placed it on the table.

ikea lack hack using marble contact paperUsing my wallpaper smoothing tool I started to squeeze out any air bubbles.

ikea lack refresh with marble contact paperOnce the first edges were smooth I started unrolling the remainder of the contact paper.  The technique I’ve found that works best is using the wallpaper tool to unroll the contact paper.

marble contact paper on ikea lackThis technique always works like a charm and yields the least number of air bubbles.

using marble contact paper on ikeaOnce you’ve covered your surface and squeezed out those nagging air bubbles, it’s time to trim off the excess contact paper.  I simply used my sharp utility knife.  You’re done!

marble contact paper refreshes ikea lackThe veining is very subtle and not over powering, which I like.  This contact paper has a glossy finish and is very durable.

ikea lack gets a refresh with marble contact paperusing marble contact paper on ikea lackfaux marble contact paper on ikeaI am starting to rack up the contact paper projects around here.  But, I still think it’s one of the cheapest, most fun, easy, quick ways to breathe new life into furniture and decor.  ikea hack using marble contact paperOh, and my plastics purchase arrived today so stay tuned for that project!


Glamming Up IKEA drapes

no sew banded ikea drapes

I was such a busy little DIY bee this past weekend!  It rained and rained and rained [I know those of you buried up to your eyeballs in snow feel so sorry for me] so we played indoors, including Mama!

Little by little I’m chipping away at decorating the kids’ play area.  It’s an open space right off the kitchen and because our house is a shot-gun one, it is also visible when you open our front door.

Here is a brief picture recap of the progress so far…



diy modern industrial shelves


modern and industrial diy shelves


And that is where I left it….until I came across these dirt cheap white panels from IKEA.

ikea drapes_vivianA pair of panels for $9.99!  Available online!  I filled up my virtual shopping cart, clicked purchase before you can say, “Sha-zam!”  They are a bit sheer, which is what I wanted as I need all the light I can get in their playroom.   The only problem for me is that they were 8″ too short.   So I got out my fabric box from the garage and found my go-to black cotton fabric.

no sew black banded ikea drapes

During one of my weekly visits to Michael’s I picked up a bottle of this amazing stuff.  Fabric Fusion costs about $4.99 and is worth every penny!  It is VERY permanent and dries clear and is machine washable in just 48 hours.  Are you guessing that I’m not the biggest fan of sewing?  You would be correct.

I simply cut a few strips of black fabric at 8.5″ wide and along the straight edge of the fabric and allowed 1″ extra on either side.

no sew embellished banded ikea drapes

I used my ironing board for this project and added the black band while the drapes were already hanging on the wall. I found that this takes any tension off the band and won’t pull on it while drying. In other words….I was too lazy to take them down!

Next I ran a bead of Fabric Fusion along the bottom edge of the IKEA panel, attached my black fabric and smoothed out any wrinkles.   Don’t worry if it looks white and messy.  It will dry clear.  I let this set for at least 2 hours.  Then I flipped the panel over and repeated this process for the sides.  Run a bead of Fabric Fusion along the sides and fold over onto the backside of your panel.

no sew embellished ikea drapes

how to add a black band on simple ikea drapes without sewing

If you cut absolutely perfect lines and your fabric doesn’t fray then you can it good at this point.  Since I didn’t cut my fabric perfectly straight and my fabric was fraying a bit at the top I pulled out my secret weapon…my black twill chevron tape.

I have some more of this stuff on back order but wanted to show you how it will look when 100% finished.

no sew black banded simple ikea drapes

how to embellish ikea drapes without sewing

And there you have it!  Fancied-up IKEA panels that cost very little!

no sew band on simple ikea drapes

add a bold color band to simple ikea drapes

add a black band to glam up simple ikea drapes

no sew banded ikea drapes


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