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Boy’s Modern Room Makeover

>>please click HERE for Boys Modern Room Makeover<<

Hi guys!   Today is a very special [and a bit nail-biting] day for moi.  This marks the very first time I’m being featured on another blog!   That very awesome blog happens to be Kayla’s “Homecoming.”  She is so creative and also generous enough to feature my son’s bedroom makeover today.  Here is a sneak peak…
boys modern room makeover_orange accent wall


Like all of my other projects, his room makeover is filled to the eyeballs with DIY, inexpensive projects+decor.  I hope to see you over there!

P.S. If you’re new here [welcome!!] this is a little recap of what his room used to look like.


It was a preppy nautical theme that just never felt right.  I followed too many trends and wound up with something that didn’t feel like me.

orange accent wall_boys modern bedroom makeover

Not anymore!  :-)

Hope to see y’all over at Homecoming!


My artwork [and my fav artist of all time]  I adore a good abstract, but am also drawn to a classic Monet or Van Gogh.  I even consider my little blog to be my own piece of artwork.  I spend hours (too many) tweaking it, refining it and molding it.  Hint. Hint.  (More on that very soon).  Of course there is always a heart-wrenching price tag attached to any desirable piece.

I am all about the cheap and easy, but it also has to look good of course.  I decided to fill our new home with art that I’ve either created or purchased for dirt cheap.

Here are a few of my own creations


With glass of favorite red wine in hand I painted this picture in less than 40 minutes.  My inspiration for it was Vincent van Gogh’s “Almond Blossom.”  This project was apx $11 (the cost of some sample jars of AS Chalk Paint).



Ahhh, I still love this drawing I did several (aka 25!) years ago.  I wish I could say this was a self-portrait (in my dreams!) but it’s from a shampoo ad in some magazine.  This picture had been hiding for at least 25 years in my old portfolio  until my daughter found it.  She wanted to look at my artwork and I was happy to share it with her.  When she asked me why I didn’t have it up on our wall I said, “You know what, I don’t know!”  It now adorns a side table in our dining room along with the painting above. This project was free!



I painted this watercolor…um…I have no clue when!  I think I painted this five or six years ago when my girl was napping.  This is now hanging in our living room.  This painting was free!



Being married to a legal alien German I thought it fitting to include a touch of “home” for him (although the way the German flag is hanging in this poster frame is VERY incorrect he tells me.)  The flag was a gift my in-laws brought for our kids last year when they came to visit from Germany.  This project was free!

Now onto my kids’ rooms…


I purchased the chip letters at Home Depot for around $5.00.  I glued them onto a canvas I had then painted it all this soft lavender (the color I thought I was going to paint my girl’s room).

The abstract painting below that is a paint-by-numbers kit I bought for my girl recently and she had her own idea what that meant.  I have to say I love her interpretation much better.


The 3-D paper butterflies were an Etsy purchase.


My son also likes to try his hand at creating a masterpiece.  I painted a cheap canvas red and gave it to him and said, “Go crazy!”  This is his little interpretation.  This project was free!

I am in the process of re doing his room.  I wanted to give my sports-junkie little man some inspirational artwork so I scoured the internet for some cheap prints of one of my favorite artists of all time. Know who it is?  NORMAN ROCKWELL!  His work is timeless and epitomizes Americana.  I was lucky enough to score 4 of his sports prints for $15+$5 shipping off eBay.  When they arrived I was so excited and knew I had “nailed it” for my son’s room.

These are the prints that I purchased:

choosin up

first down

oh yeah


Fun for a little boy’s room, huh?

I guess if I have a point to this post it’s that you can create art too.  Free art. It’s all around you and inside your head just itching to pop out!  I hid my work for over 20 years until it took my beautiful 6 year old to inspire me to put myself out there.  Ok, it’s only displayed in our house, but it’s a huge deal to me when we have people over and they ask “who drew that portrait “or “who painted that piece.” Art is very personal, subjective and means different things to different people.  So why not surround yourself with things that inspire you and make you happy?  I finally did just that.


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Closet door makeover using electrical tape


I think I officially have a problem…I’m running around my house lately with at least 3 different colors of duck tape in hand wondering what I can slap it on.   It has quickly become an addiction much like my addiction to contact paper because it’s my favorite way to update something; it’s quick. easy. temporary.  In case you’re new here, these are a few things I’ve updated with duck tape recently:


I stuck bright orange duck tape to the front of each drawer knob for a punch of color+funkiness in my son’s room.


I added “racing stripes” to my son’s IKEA boxes using red+white duck tape.

I’m back in my son’s room again for this latest idea.  My inspiration came from this amazing image I came across:


Her IKEA makeover was right up my alley (she used black electrical tape to create the stripes you see)!  While we are on the subject of IKEA I recently spotted these lovelies and only wished they were sold online:

MARMORBLAD Curtains, 1 pair IKEA The curtains let the light through but provide privacy so they are perfect to use in a layered window solution.

I’m clearly a linear person, huh?  Obviously I was motivated to re create this look and what better place than my son’s closet doors!  To me, they are just another canvas to “paint.”  Not literally of course.  So I grabbed my black electrical tape and went to town on his closet.


There was NO measuring involved, just eyeballing and using the ridges of the raised panels as my guide.  For the first line I simply ran a strip of tape along the edge of the raised panel.  Electrical tape is perfect for this, as it’s a little stretchy and gives you a nice straight line.




You can see I first started this little makeover with a horizontal strip of tape at the top of the door.  I ran two strips of tape along the top and both sides of the door for a nice graphic look.  Don’t ask me why, but I decided to put one piece of tape along the bottom of the door.  I guess I don’t like things too perfect.  :-)



Thirty minutes later and I was done!  I will finish the other door tomorrow.  Oh who am I kidding…I’ll probably finish it sometime next week.  Have a great day!



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