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Tutorial: DIY Pottery Barn Rustic Lantern

If you read my post last week, you know that I promised you a tutorial on how I made this rustic outdoor lantern.  The best part…it costs pennies and can be done in about an hour!

how to make a pottery barn rustic lanternHere are the supplies|tools you’ll need:

To start, you want to create the base of the lantern.  I grabbed 5 redwood stakes and cut off the pointy end to a length of 8.5″

make your own rustic lantern[yes, there are only 4 pictured here, the 5th one was camera-shy]

Slap some glue along the long edge and snuggle them together.

diy pottery barn rustic lanterndiy rustic pottery barn lanternNow squeeze the living daylights out of these poor things using a couple clamps.

knock-off pottery barn rustic lanternAnd wipe off any excess glue that oozed out.

rustic pottery barn lanterns diyTo make the little feet, I used the pointy tips that I cut off prior and cut 4 of them to 0.75″ x 1.5″

knock off pottery barn rustic lanternsAren’t they cute?  Now attach them onto the base with a little wood glue [still love the old Gorilla] and a couple finishing nails.  I attached the 4 legs 0.5″ in from either side.

rustic lanterns diyBecause the base is clamped together, I kept on plugging away building the sides.  Grab your redwood board and cut 4 pieces to 18″ long.

rustic outdoor lanterns diyWe are a carpet-crazy family!  Even the garage has the whole layered rug look thing going on.

Now attach each of these to the base using a little blob of glue and finishing nails.  By this time I removed the clamps [apx 25 minutes had passed] and had no problem with the base coming apart.

diy outdoor rustic lanternNow it’s time to add the support pieces.  Grab 8 more of those redwood stakes and cut down to these lengths:

  • 4 @ 5.5″
  • 4 @ 5″

Starting at the base, place 2 of each size in between the redwood board.  I simply used wood glue to hold these in place.

make a rustic outdoor lanternYou can also see that I laid these pieces on their sides to give the bottom some chunk.

Now use the remaining 4 pieces at the top, but this time flip them the other way and nail into place.  Be sure they are level with the tops of your side boards.

pottery barn knock-off rustic lanternAlmost done, I promise!

Grab 4 more of those redwood stakes and cut down to these dimensions:

6.25″, 2 @ 5.5, 6″

Create a “box” [I like the staggered seam look] and nail together.

knock off pottery barn lanternTo create a handle I used what I had on hand.  You can pick up heavy gauge wire at you-guessed-it Home Depot, or any hardware store.

You’re going to laugh when I tell you what I used.  Do you remember my Lego storage project?  Remember I removed the wire handles from the paint cans and replaced them with jute string?  Don’t ask me why I kept them, but I’m so glad I did.  These are paint can handles!!  Am I weird, or what??

knock-off pottery barn rustic lanternsTo attach your handle, drill 2 small holes on 2 sides and slip your wire/paint can handle in.

knock-off rustic outdoor lantern pottery barnI had to use pliers in order to straighten out this sucker.  Once through the hole, I simply curled it back up.

diy knock-off pottery barn rustic lanternNow simple attach this to the top your piece with some glue and you’re done!

I think all my blabbing was worth it, ‘cuz this is what I have to show for it!

how to make a rustic pottery barn lanternIsn’t she pretty?

pottery barn inspired diy rustic lanternI chose not to stain or seal my lantern because I want Mother Nature to distress it naturally for me.

diy rustic wood lanternbuild a pottery barn lanternI know I blabbed on and on, but trust me this is such an easy project.  I banged out one lantern in one hour [thank goodness for play dates!]

how to make a pottery barn rustic lanternsignature_hugs_amy

DIY | pottery barn inspired rustic lantern

how to make a pottery barn rustic lanternAs I was putting myself to sleep the other night…HGTV softly playing in the background, favorite home decor magazines scattered all over the bed, laptop open to my favorite websites…I came across this image…

lanternI was so bleary-eyed that I forgot to jot down where I found this image, but found a very similar, almost identical one listed at One Kings Lane.

The old DIY light-bulb went off and all I could think about for the next hour or so was “I can totally make that!”  Another sleepless night.  Does that happen to you?

My son was at pre school the other day and my daughter had a friend over so I seized the moment and banged out my version of this rustic lantern in an hour.

pottery barn inspired diy rustic lanternDid I need a rustic lantern?  No.  Did I have a blast though re creating this with materials I had in the garage?  Yep!  The best part was I sneaked in Mommy-time and no kids were bored to death or neglected in the process.  :)

diy rustic wood lanternbuild a pottery barn lanternI will be sharing the tutorial this week and you will get a chuckle when I tell you some of the materials I wound up using.  Typical Amy though! :)

Until then here are a few more pictures to tie you over…

how to build a pottery barn lanternhow to make a pottery barn rustic lanternsignature_hugs_amy