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a fake plant gets a makeover

a fake plant gets a modern makeover and overhaul

Do you ever have a bazillion things you NEED to get done, but your brain gets distracted for a split second and you’re off giving a fake plant a makeover?  No?!   Crap, I’m weird.

In the midst of running around the house like a lunatic today prepping for a huge business dinner party my husband and I are hosting tomorrow night, I decided to hack apart this fake thing…

transforming a fake plant into a gold trophy

Why??   It was my sanity break in the middle of my crazy day.  Do you have an item in your house that just bugs the crap out of you, but for some strange reason you hold onto it?  Well this fake plant has been with us for 6 years and has bugged the crap out of me for that long.  I bought it at Costco.  Today was the day though this guy got hacked.  So I threw this poor unsuspecting-outdated mess- of-fake-plantness in our backyard, ripped him apart and got out my new favorite gold spray paint.

transform a fake plant into a gold trophy with some paint

Just one light coat later and I was left with a golden trophy!

transform a fake outdated plant into a gold trophy

It’s just a notch shy of being gaudy.  I like it!

turning an outdated fake plant into a beauty

For now I decided to fill this golden beauty with a real plant, but see white tulips in the near future.

turning an outdated faux plant into a gold beauty

changing an outdated fake plant into a gold beauty

changing an old fake plant into a gold beauty

I have to say this guy has come a long way.

before and after changing a fake plant into a modern beauty

If I drank champagne, I think this would make a lovely champagne bucket.

a fake plant gets a modern makeover and overhaul

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Updating dresser knobs using duck tape

Even though I recently finished my son’s room, it just never felt right.  First off his room faces East so he just gets the morning sun through his one and only window.  Secondly, I used dark accessories – dark curtains, dark bedspread, etc and not to mention I wallpapered an accent wall with wood plank wallpaper.  Third, I think he wasn’t even inspired being in there!  Even though he’s very young (3 1/2), I think he knows what he likes and doesn’t when it comes to how his room looks.

I was flipping through a Land of Nod catalog recently and found this picture


I was immediately smitten, especially with the colors in the wall mural.  I am planning on interpreting this mural into his room.  Since I am not a fan of white walls I am planning on painting his room the same color I used on our kitchen accent wall:


This color has become my new favorite.  I love that it reads blue, green and gray!   I know it’s dark, but I am planning on using lots of white accessories to keep it from feeling like a cave.  I took his “MacGyver” drapes down and replaced them with simple white ones from IKEA.





I’m planning on keeping his dresser the way it is, but I added a funky orange accent to it this weekend (again, pulling colors from my inspiration).  Just to recap, this is what his dresser looked like recently.


I got out my bright orange duck tape and a sharp utility knife and did a 10 minute facelift on it.










I know it’s a bit crazy and not for everybody, but I think I can get away with some funkiness in a little boy’s room don’t you?   I think I will add some more orange in his room; I’m just not sure how or where yet (accent pillows? adding an orange band on the bottom of his drapes?).   Looks like I’ll be busy this weekend as well.



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