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diy: no-sew outdoor pillow case [using an old shower curtain]

Happy day to you!  I’m over at Homecoming today sharing how I made these easy no-sew [still refuse to use the sewing machine!] outdoor pillow cases.  I guess you can classify this as another IKEA hack as they are made from an old IKEA shower curtain.

no-sew outdoor pillow case from a shower curtainSwing on by and check it out!

signature_hugs_amylinking up to:  Remodelaholic

Easy Tip for Creating a Boxwood Topiary

use a template to create the perfect topiaryI’m a sucker for a well-groomed topiary.  There is something a bit intoxicating about a trimmed boxwood, especially when they look like this:

8b87c15e72fd0ae4182f20124fd81430[via Pinterest, source unknown]

802f136fad90e2efd17f996a80db9cc4[Pinterest, source unknown]

Boxwood_BOXSC96_L[commercial silk]

5122BOXWOODTALL[spruce wholesale]

Love that last one!

During a recent trip [more like, all-day excursion] to IKEA I picked up a pair of these metal pots for our front porch.  They are a bit pricey, but are huge and are galvanized so they should last for the long haul and shouldn’t rust.

ikea_galvanized potsI was at our local nursery the very next day shopping for flowers and greenery to put in them.  I will honestly admit that I LOVE “gardening.”  I put that in quotes because I love planting things into the ground, but HATE maintaining them.  Not a good combination, I know.  Poor plants.

I purchased two boxwoods, trailing vines, hot pink flowers and white clumping ground cover to add some bulk.  [Forgive me for not knowing the true names of these brain can hold only so much info].

I planted everything and this is how it turned out.  [Going on one month now and everything is still alive!]

boxwood topiary created using a templateboxwoods become a topiary using a templatemake a perfect topiary using a templateI wanted to give these boxwoods a hair cut and wanted a nice shape to them.  Knowing far too well that I’m Edward Scissorhands when it comes to trimming hair, just ask my poor kids, I decided to make a template in order to restrain myself.

I grabbed a piece of cardboard from the garage and sketched out a half circle.  Once I was happy with the size and shape, I cut it out.

a perfect topiary created using a templatea template is used to create a topiaryI then rested my topiary template against my boxwoods and started trimming the shape.  My next investment is a good pair of pruning scissors; in the meantime I trimmed these guys with a regular pair of scissors.

topiaries made using a templateHere is how my topiary was shaping up just after 5 minutes of trimming:

make a perfect topiary using a template

After 10 minutes of trimming one was done!  Here is the before and after.

round topiaries made using a templateAnd here they are both trimmed and ready for summer.

perfect ball topiaries made using a templateusing a stencil to create a topiary shapeUsing the template helped ensure both topiaries were the same size and shape.  It was such a time saver and forced me to restrain my desire to go ape-s#$* on them.

use a template to create the perfect topiarysignature_hugs_amy

garden tour of my in-laws’ home in germany

Yep, I’m still suffering from jet-lag and cannot quite get on a schedule during our visit to Germany.  Adjusting to a 9 hour time difference is kicking my “Po Po.”  So I thought I’d share a few pictures of my mother-in-law’s garden with you.  Here is where I left off the other day…

germany house_view to garden

This is the view into my mother-in-law’s garden from her sun room.   Once you open the sliding doors, you step into a perfectly manicured garden full of lush green shrubs, precisely trimmed hedges and thoughtfully placed decorations.  In other words…the woman can garden!  I will let these snapshots speak for themselves.

germany house_garden2

germany house_orb

germany house_hedge

I wasn’t joking when I said the hedges are precisely trimmed.

germany house_garden

The pictures are a bit blown-out, but all I wanted was to be outside the other day.  It was a perfect Spring day, plus I had the house all to myself.

germany house_garden decor

I swear I could not find ONE weed!  Frustrating.

germany house_garden bushes

germany house_flowers

germany house_rooftop

Looking at the clay tile roofs always reminds me when I lived in Las Vegas.  Clay tiles and concrete are typical choices for roofs in Germany.

germany house_vines

germany house_vines and shrubs

I just love this and think the idea is genius.  She secured several decorative plant hooks to the house, tied sisal rope around each then wound her vines around the rope to create a natural looking trellis.  Once in full bloom, the vines cascade down the side of the house.

germany house_pathway

germany house_perfect fence

germany house_daffodils

germany house_distressed crate

germany house_garden view

Gorgeous, isn’t it?  It makes me want to rip everything out of my own backyard and start all over.


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