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master bedroom accent wall

I’m always amazed at the power of design.  Whether it’s a paint color, rug, piece of art, or a stencil (wink wink) you just know a good thing when you see it.  When I saw this image…

paint 1-5Source: Sarah M. Dorsey Designs

…I was immediately inspired+motivated to re create this look in my house.  I ordered the large fretwork stencil you see in the above picture from the very talented Sarah M. Dorsey and was so excited when it arrived in the mail two days later.  When I unrolled the stencil (it is VERY large!) I was immediately intimidated; it is HUGE!  But…I’m always up for a challenge.  This would be my second stencil job ever and if I could tackle my 12ft drop cloth dining room drapes then I could do this too!

I chose a not-so-obvious place in our home to attempt this so if I did a lousy job no one would see it except me and the family.

The spot I chose was our TV niche in our master bedroom.  After having these 2 fabric panels from IKEA in our bedroom (previously in Utah and now in our current home) for over 3 years now my sweet husband recently blurted out, “I can’t stand those things.”  Uhhh…OK.  Well, that was the end of those things!  Time for a change.



Apparently this is the spot to throw away the Band-Aid wrappers in my house.  Seriously I’m always amazed at what I find tucked away in little spaces in this house.

Anyhoo, I started by painting the niche a smoky blue.

IMG_6300[1]No painter’s tape for this girl!  Lazy. Impatient. Lazy.  Plus, I earned extra money in college by painting people’s houses so I rely heavily on the skills I learned way back when.



It feels so much better already.

Now for the stenciling!

IMG_6326[1]You’ve probably heard this a bazillion times before, but making sure that first placement is perfect is the key to a successful stencil job.  I found the center of my wall then simply placed one edge of the stencil at that point.  Like my precise measuring?


The paint I chose was a lighter version of the wall color.  I like the tone on tone look, plus I plan to paint the rest of my bedroom this lighter color some day.

Now time to remove the stencil.  This part always makes me a little nervous and hesitant.


Yeah!!!  Once you see the first piece of the stencil come out normal, you have all the confidence in the world.


Dramatic, huh?

After my second piece of the stencil was complete I felt like Wonder Woman!  I don’t know about you, but when I get overly confident and a bit cocky, disaster is looming just in the distance.


I didn’t even notice my screw up and kept on blissfully messing it up.


It took until the next morning to realize that I was doing it wrong!  So I painted over the mistakes and tried again (this time with some humility).

After about 30 minutes the wall looked like this:


Isn’t she pretty?

Here are a few more pictures…


My “dresser” is actually an antique buffet that used to belong to my Grandparents.  My kids love to hide in the side doors.


I added two more friends to keep my white Moose company (deer & antelope heads are from Home Goods).





I LOVE the dramatic look of this stencil.  Plus, once I figured out how to use it properly I was done in about 30 minutes.  I am thinking about using it in my daughter’s room next.

Here’s a quick before+after… before_after


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CRAIGSLIST Makeover: using chalk paint

We have a huge empty space in between our living room couches and my dream purchase would be something like this from Restoration Hardware to fill up the space:

RH table

These tables start at $995 on sale!  Not gonna happen in my world.  So my craigslist scouring began and I kept coming back to round oak clawfoot tables (I guess everyone is trying get rid of these as there are a TON for sale).  My husband thought I had completely lost my mind when I told him I was going to purchase one.  Honestly, I thought I had lost my mind too!

So I took the plunge and purchased one for $60.  The sweet woman I bought the table from threw in two chairs for free (more on those in a minute). 

I forgot to take a before shot, but this set is pretty much identical to what I purchased:


I might have mentioned this before, but I am pretty impatient when it comes to projects.  I am great at starting them, but finishing is another matter.  So, when I found out about chalk paint I was hooked!  You do NOT have to prime or sand your wood furniture beforehand.  You just slap it on, wax it, buff it and you’re done!

I bought a sample jar of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen from Perfectly Imperfect.  A 4 oz jar only costs $11.95 and I painted the entire table with it and still had some left over!


french linen

Source:  Perfectly Imperfect

You also need wax to permanently bond the paint to your piece of furniture so I picked up both the clear and dark waxes.  I wanted the dark wax to bring out the details and lines of my piece and to also add some character.








Once my paint and waxes arrived I have to admit I was a little nervous.  But, my motto is “it’s just paint!”  So I painted the entire piece and let it dry overnight.  Next I applied the clear wax, let it sit for about 1 1/2 hours then buffed it to a satin shine.  After that, I added the dark wax in places I wanted to add that “extra something.”  So after two days, this is how my table turned out:



Again, here is the BEFORE:


And the AFTER:


And just for fun, a side by side comparison of RH and mine:

RH table table2

I used chalk paint in Provence on the two free chairs I got and this is how those turned out:


















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Painting a door bright yellow

Here is a typical conversation between my husband and myself…

Me: “Honey, can I…”

Hub: “No.”

Me: “But…”

Hub:  “No.”

After giving him “the look” he finally asks, “OK, what is it?”

Me: “Can I paint the dining room table?”

Hub: “No.”

Me:  “I NEED to paint something in this house!  Can I paint one of the interior doors?  I promise you’ll love it.”

Hub:  “Can I think about it?”

That’s as good as a “YES” in my book.

Honestly, he is such a good sport and likes 99% of my projects and ideas.  Well, this afternoon I decided to quickly act on my impulse to paint one of our doors.  The door I chose was the one that led into the garage.  It’s tucked away so you don’t really see it.  Plus, it seemed dark in this hallway after I painted the wall with black chalkboard paint:


On a recent trip to Home Depot this paint caught my eye:


When I opened the can, I have to admit that I was a bit shocked at how bright it was, but it’s just paint, right?

I wanted the door to be a bit different so I decided to tape off a couple vertical stripes with blue painters tape.


This was a lot easier than I thought.  I simply ran a line of tape along two of the “ridges” on the door.


Time to paint!


I let the paint dry for at least one hour.  While the paint was still a little tacky I removed the tape.  (This ensures you don’t remove any of the paint and leaves you with a clean edge).


Voila!  I absolutely LOVE this and it sure adds a sunny shot of color in an otherwise dark space.


I was feeling so confident about my painting until my son said, “Daddy’s gonna be so mad at you!”

What do you think?  Would you paint one of your interior doors a bright color?

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