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DIY Industrial Shelves + Playroom Makeover

My poor husband.

It must be “challenging” for him to be married to a scatter-brained DIY design-crazed junkie. See, like most couples we are the ying and yang of each other…totally opposite!  He has a type A personality…very organized, detail-oriented, cleanliness-obsessed, and orderly.  Me, on the other hand am the complete opposite…a bit scatter brained, artsy, un organized and creative.  :-)   He came home from work last night to my latest project | room overhaul.  To me, it’s just another creative day in Amy Land, to my husband it’s probably too much change all at once.  Ahhh….such is life though living with a creative person right?  :-)

My son went back to pre-school yesterday and I took full advantage of those 3 hours to ransack the kids’ playroom!  Those 3 hours were full of moving furniture in, moving furniture out, carrying furniture down a flight of stairs, assembling a dining room table and making these industrial shelves…WHEW!!!

diy industrial shelves in 20 mins

First, here is what the kids’ playroom looked like before, during + shortly after Christmas




The worst part of the kids’ playroom [as if it could get any worse!] is that it is actually our eating area just off the kitchen|family room.  It’s completely open and therefore you SEE EVERYTHING!  I reached “that point” and started over yesterday.  To start, I decided to take out the round table as it was just.not.working.  Kids need a surface to spread their stuff out on and a round table is not the best.  I headed to the garage and hauled in our old kitchen table.  It’s been sitting there for the past 1 1/2 years and hasn’t been touched since we moved in.

industrial modern diy shelves

After attaching the legs I was faced with a new challenge…this table is bar height and I didn’t have any chairs for the kids to sit on.  We are using the chairs that go with this table as our bar stools in the kitchen…


Another light bulb went off in my noggin and I “borrowed” these IKEA drawer units from my husband’s office to use as the kids’ stools [plus they double as secondary storage for paper, crayons, and the plethora of rainbow loom rubber bands that they’ve accumulated!!

HELMER Drawer unit on casters IKEA Slot for label on each drawer so you can easily keep things organized and find what you are looking for.

After throwing all of these things together, here is what the room looked like…

modern industrial diy shelves

I also love that the kids can display some of their artwork on these cabinets simply using a magnet.  Can you see my daughter wasted NO TIME in labeling each cabinet with her name and her brother’s.  It’s all about “mine” and “yours” at their ages.

I absolutely love this look and how clutter-free it’s looking.  If you’re wondering where my son’s train table went you’ll have to come back in the next couple days to see where it landed. wink. wink.

I have wanted to add shelves to the wall you see in the above picture so I headed to the garage and grabbed 2 wood boards left over from my end table project, 4 large metal L-brackets, stain and a few screws.  Total cost:  FREE!

diy inexpensive industrial shelves

The boards measure 42″ long x 7″ wide.

I simply screwed the large L-brackets underneath the board.  I wanted the brackets to “hold” the board in place on the wall.  You can also attach your brackets the other way so the board rests on top of it.  You’ll see what I mean in a sec.  I spaced the brackets 24″ apart because that’s how far apart the studs are in the wall.  I wanted to make them as secure as possible.  Kids!

industrial diy shelves

Voila!  If you’re a purist you can leave the shelf as is, but I chose to stain mine with my favorite walnut stain.

modern industrial shelves diy

Once the stain was dry I simply attached my shelves to the studs in the wall.

diy industrial and modern shelves

A little bit of grabbing decorative things from rooms around the house and here you have the kids’ organized play room, complete with 2 industrial shelves that took all of 20 minutes to make!

make your own industrial and modern shelves

diy modern and industrial shelves

diy cheap easy modern industrial shelves

And here it is all put together…

make industrial shelves in 20 mins

make your own industrial shelves in 20 mins

My little model demonstrating.

modern and industrial diy shelves

how to make industrial shelves in 20 mins

make your own modern industrial shelves

“Mama you can also use these handles as foot rests!”

Next up on my to-do list is our horrifying master bedroom closet!  Stay tuned.

diy industrial shelves in 20 mins


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salt dough ornaments

salt dough_overlay


Nothing like living in a neighborhood where people have their Christmas decorations up the day after Thanksgiving to put the pressure on! Normally I have my tree up just before Christmas, but I succumbed to the pressure I put on myself this year and put up the kids’ tree on Sunday. 

After I read Bethany’s post about making salt dough ornaments I was immediately inspired to make these with my kids. So I corralled them into the kitchen, still in pj’s, and we made a big batch.  I used this recipe instead, as I do not have Bethany’s patience.  I was immediately brought back to my childhood.  I remember making salt dough ornaments with my mom and I love any opportunity to re create sweet memories I had as a child with my own two kiddos. 

Photo: Making salt dough Xmas ornaments in our pj's. Takes me back to my childhood.

Once we rolled out the dough, we sifted through the ridiculous number of cookie cutters and went to town.  Two hours later, they were done and ready to paint!

laying them out

I let my kiddos do the “dirty work” [heck, they offered!] of giving each ornament a light sanding to get the rough “nubbies” off.  After that it was a free-for-all with the paint! 

all done

In less than 10 minutes this was the state of our ornaments!



I of course grabbed the gold spray paint [surprise! surprise!] and decorated a few of my own.

moose_antique look

This paint job was one of those happy accidents.  I sprayed a light coat of turquoise on this guy first, then while that was still wet I sprayed a light mist of gold on top.  I love the antique look that was created and I repeated this process on a couple more ornaments that I had to pry out of my kids’ hands.



This one is my favorite.


As we were finishing, this is what Mother Nature displayed for us. 

star on tree

I wrapped some thin jute rope through the hole and hung these lovelies on the kids’ tree.  Stay tuned for the final reveal of their tree this week!

on the tree



I love these and just like I did when I was my daughter’s age, I licked one!  :-)   Aahh, the memories

salt dough_overlay


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Cell Phone Makeover [DIY STYLE]

Well first off… “Happy-Back-to-Reality-Day!”  My kids had last week off and it was so nice not driving here, driving there and everywhere in between!  It was nice to just breathe.

a little thanksgiving recap:

We had a rather non-traditional Thanksgiving this year and spent the week in our favorite campground.  Just the four of us (and our dog). I don’t know what surprised me more…the fact that the campground was sold out and I didn’t feel so “weird” camping on Thanksgiving, OR that the people we encountered were some hard-core turkey connoisseurs!  I have never seen so many turkey deep-fryers in one place in my life!  Every other camp site had a more elaborate set-up than the next.  I think this will become our new Thanksgiving tradition because it was so relaxing and simple.

I did manage to crank out a pretty darn tasty meal from our tiny stove.  Here was our menu:  barbecue turkey [tasted just like ribs!], herb roasted potatoes, brussel sprouts [only for the husband...yuck!], cauliflower “rice,” homemade cranberry relish, and crescent rolls!  I will be living in my “fat pants” for at least the next 2-3 weeks!

Photo: Had a non traditional thanksgiving this yr. Camped at our fav spot in SoCal. I managed to crank out a pretty darn good meal from our rv if I do say so myself!

Every burner was ablaze and the oven was cranking, but thankfully we didn’t blow up the RV.

Now onto this [funny] DIY.  To say that I was a bit embarrassed about my cell phone case is an understatement.  This was the state of mine just before we left on our camping trip


I swear my kids find the most “awesome” places to put stickers!  Buying a new phone case just seems silly to me.  It’s one of those useless purchases [especially around the holiday season].  So I decided to give my “eyeball fuchsia Android phone case” a Kate Spade inspired makeover.


Kate Spade New York La Pavillion Case For iPhone 5


Aren’t these lovely?  Even if I was rolling in money, I don’t think I would ever spend $45 on a phone case!  Now if we were talking shoes…well…that’s another story!  

I gave my sad case a light sanding and broke out my favorite spray primer.  I sprayed one coat and that was enough to cover it.

Next I sprayed the bottom portion of my case with gold glitter spray [ALOT of glitter spray!]

I recently picked up this 18kt gold leafing pen at Michael’s and tried it on the edges

Then gave the rest of the case some gold polka-dots with the same pen

And here it is!

Here are a few more pictures after I gave it two coats of lacquer spray finish.  This also gave the case a glossy shine.



And a before and after

I’m convinced that there is not much in this world you cannot spray paint!  These projects always make me smile because it’s one less thing that I would have wasted and thrown away into a landfill.  


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