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DIY: wood shim drum shade and some big news!!


Hi guys!  Today I’m back at Homecoming to share how I made this large wood shim drum shade.  Remember how I covered one of our recessed lights with a decorative bowl?  Well, I went a few steps further and made a drum shade for our downstairs bathroom.  The possibilities are really endless if you are like me and want to cover up a few recessed lights around your house.

wood shim drum shade diy ceiling mount fixture

Now…onto my big news!!!!  I am now a full time contributor at Homecoming!

I will be doing a guest post every month and I already have some pretty amazing things planned.  After my first guest post about my son’s modern bedroom makeover I was asked by Kayla to be a full time member of her team.  Without any hesitation I said, “Yes!”  I felt like I was being proposed to all over again.

Thank you to all of you supporting me and my crazy ideas and to Kayla for welcoming me aboard!


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DIY: modern+funky towel holder

diy modern and funky red towel holder

I’m back in the kids’ bathroom today [well, not literally] to show you a cute DIY project I banged out in 30 minutes. I posted about using curtain hold backs as towel holders, but they were just too dang big…

kids bathroom_hold back

Do you ever go ahead with something even though you have this feeling in your gut that it’s wrong?!  The above picture is case in point.

After wallpapering the kids’ bathroom things have snowballed, but in a good way.  The ideas are flowing and things are falling into place.

My next idea was to replace the monstrosity of a towel holder with a smaller, much simpler one.  Since the funds for DIY’ing this month are a bit tight, I decided to make one with scrap pieces of wood and some bright red spray paint I had on hand.

diy modern funky towel holder in bright red

how to diy a simple modern and funky red towel holder

I used a scrap piece of furring strip [apx $2.00 at HD for an 8' piece] and wooden dowel that is 0.75″ thick.  I simply cut the furring strip to the above measurements you see [4.25" x 3" x 3"].  I then cut the dowel at a 45 degree angle and cut to 2.25″ long at the highest point.  I felt this length would look best and most proportionate to the base of the towel holder.

how to make a diy funky modern red towel holder

Next simply add a blob of wood glue [Gorilla glue is the shizzle] onto the angled part of the dowel and set onto the triangle base.

how to diy modern and funky red towel holder

Lightly press the dowel onto the base so it sets a bit.  Now simply rest this piece at a slight angle against something and let sit for at least an hour.

Once the glue has set, give it a light sanding with a fine grit sandpaper.

diy a modern and funky red towel holder

The next step is to spray paint this guy any color you like.  I chose this bright red color in a lacquer finish so it’s super glossy. I chose red to go with the funky [temp] wallpaper I used recently in the kids’ bathroom.  I let this dry overnight.

how to make a funky modern red towel holder

To attach this to the wall I drilled a small shallow hole on the back in order to hang it from a nail.  And that’s it!

diy funky and modern towel holder in red

I love how it’s a bit sculptural, modern and funky!

make a simple diy modern funky red towel holder

how to diy a red modern funky and simple towel holder

make a funky modern and simple red towel holder

As soon as I hung a hand towel from the hook I couldn’t see this towel holder anymore!  I want to be able to admire my genius work [I know...barf!] so I grabbed an old curtain ring and used that to hold the kids’ hand towel.

making a simple diy modern funky red towel holder

make your own diy red funky and modern towel holder

You can already see a sneak peek of tomorrow’s post!  Another fun [quirky] one.  :-)

diy modern and funky red towel holder

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DIY Industrial Shelves + Playroom Makeover

My poor husband.

It must be “challenging” for him to be married to a scatter-brained DIY design-crazed junkie. See, like most couples we are the ying and yang of each other…totally opposite!  He has a type A personality…very organized, detail-oriented, cleanliness-obsessed, and orderly.  Me, on the other hand am the complete opposite…a bit scatter brained, artsy, un organized and creative.  :-)   He came home from work last night to my latest project | room overhaul.  To me, it’s just another creative day in Amy Land, to my husband it’s probably too much change all at once.  Ahhh….such is life though living with a creative person right?  :-)

My son went back to pre-school yesterday and I took full advantage of those 3 hours to ransack the kids’ playroom!  Those 3 hours were full of moving furniture in, moving furniture out, carrying furniture down a flight of stairs, assembling a dining room table and making these industrial shelves…WHEW!!!

diy industrial shelves in 20 mins

First, here is what the kids’ playroom looked like before, during + shortly after Christmas




The worst part of the kids’ playroom [as if it could get any worse!] is that it is actually our eating area just off the kitchen|family room.  It’s completely open and therefore you SEE EVERYTHING!  I reached “that point” and started over yesterday.  To start, I decided to take out the round table as it was just.not.working.  Kids need a surface to spread their stuff out on and a round table is not the best.  I headed to the garage and hauled in our old kitchen table.  It’s been sitting there for the past 1 1/2 years and hasn’t been touched since we moved in.

industrial modern diy shelves

After attaching the legs I was faced with a new challenge…this table is bar height and I didn’t have any chairs for the kids to sit on.  We are using the chairs that go with this table as our bar stools in the kitchen…


Another light bulb went off in my noggin and I “borrowed” these IKEA drawer units from my husband’s office to use as the kids’ stools [plus they double as secondary storage for paper, crayons, and the plethora of rainbow loom rubber bands that they’ve accumulated!!

HELMER Drawer unit on casters IKEA Slot for label on each drawer so you can easily keep things organized and find what you are looking for.

After throwing all of these things together, here is what the room looked like…

modern industrial diy shelves

I also love that the kids can display some of their artwork on these cabinets simply using a magnet.  Can you see my daughter wasted NO TIME in labeling each cabinet with her name and her brother’s.  It’s all about “mine” and “yours” at their ages.

I absolutely love this look and how clutter-free it’s looking.  If you’re wondering where my son’s train table went you’ll have to come back in the next couple days to see where it landed. wink. wink.

I have wanted to add shelves to the wall you see in the above picture so I headed to the garage and grabbed 2 wood boards left over from my end table project, 4 large metal L-brackets, stain and a few screws.  Total cost:  FREE!

diy inexpensive industrial shelves

The boards measure 42″ long x 7″ wide.

I simply screwed the large L-brackets underneath the board.  I wanted the brackets to “hold” the board in place on the wall.  You can also attach your brackets the other way so the board rests on top of it.  You’ll see what I mean in a sec.  I spaced the brackets 24″ apart because that’s how far apart the studs are in the wall.  I wanted to make them as secure as possible.  Kids!

industrial diy shelves

Voila!  If you’re a purist you can leave the shelf as is, but I chose to stain mine with my favorite walnut stain.

modern industrial shelves diy

Once the stain was dry I simply attached my shelves to the studs in the wall.

diy industrial and modern shelves

A little bit of grabbing decorative things from rooms around the house and here you have the kids’ organized play room, complete with 2 industrial shelves that took all of 20 minutes to make!

make your own industrial and modern shelves

diy modern and industrial shelves

diy cheap easy modern industrial shelves

And here it is all put together…

make industrial shelves in 20 mins

make your own industrial shelves in 20 mins

My little model demonstrating.

modern and industrial diy shelves

how to make industrial shelves in 20 mins

make your own modern industrial shelves

“Mama you can also use these handles as foot rests!”

Next up on my to-do list is our horrifying master bedroom closet!  Stay tuned.

diy industrial shelves in 20 mins


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