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cover a recessed light with a decorative bowl

Before I officially start this post, let me introduce you to the newest member of our family…


Doggie-X.  We are still working on the name, but think Jake might be it!  So far he’s been “Mouse,” “Jack” “Ninja Turtle” and now “Jake.”

I adopted this beautiful boy on Friday while my daughter was at school!  He is a two year old hound [if anyone out there knows exactly what kind of breed he is I'm all ears!] that was at a local animal shelter.  I have never seen a more mellow, sweetheart of a dog in all my life.  We are already in love with him and he has filled a huge empty space in our house and hearts that our previous dog once filled.  Our house feels complete once again.

Anyway, thanks for letting me get a bit side tracked.  Now onto today’s crazy idea…

covering a recessed light fixture with a decorative bowl

Even though I like recessed lighting, sometimes I feel the urge to rip a few out around the house and install a nice pendant or flush mount light fixture just for something unique.  We have the energy-efficient bulbs in every recessed can and the light it emits is just so darn harsh [and just a tad unflattering].  Since I don’t want to chance burning down our house, I decided to take the easier route and decided to “cover up” one light.

cover up any recessed light with a decorative bowl

This is our entry from the garage and I thought it was the perfect spot to add a little more personality.  [yep, even more personality than the BRIGHT yellow door!]

cover any recessed light with a decorative bowl

I purchased this metal ring bowl at a decor shop the other day and had NO clue what to do with it when I got home.  As usual, I walked around the house with this thing for a good 30 minutes trying to find a good spot.  The light bulb went off [ha ha] when I walked towards the garage.

cover up a recessed light fixture with a decorative bowl

You can see how I attached it to the ceiling if you look close enough.  I simply hung this guy from the ceiling using cup hooks.  I used about 6 so it was level and secure.  For now the gold colored hooks doesn’t bother me, but I can always break out my paint pens and color them to match if I get the urge.

cover up a recessed light with a decorative metal bowl


covering up a recessed light with a decorative bowl

cover up a recessed light with a decorative bowl

cover a recessed light up with a decorative bowl

I was kind of hoping it would cast some funky shadows onto the wall and floor, but not the case.  No worries.  I love the look anyway.

covering a recessed light fixture with a decorative bowl


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Boy’s Modern Room Makeover

>>please click HERE for Boys Modern Room Makeover<<

Hi guys!   Today is a very special [and a bit nail-biting] day for moi.  This marks the very first time I’m being featured on another blog!   That very awesome blog happens to be Kayla’s “Homecoming.”  She is so creative and also generous enough to feature my son’s bedroom makeover today.  Here is a sneak peak…
boys modern room makeover_orange accent wall


Like all of my other projects, his room makeover is filled to the eyeballs with DIY, inexpensive projects+decor.  I hope to see you over there!

P.S. If you’re new here [welcome!!] this is a little recap of what his room used to look like.


It was a preppy nautical theme that just never felt right.  I followed too many trends and wound up with something that didn’t feel like me.

orange accent wall_boys modern bedroom makeover

Not anymore!  :-)

Hope to see y’all over at Homecoming!


Quick+Easy Dresser Update [using duck tape]

Even though I recently finished my son’s room, it just never felt right.  First off his room faces East so he just gets the morning sun through his one and only window.  Secondly, I used dark accessories – dark curtains, dark bedspread, etc and not to mention I wallpapered an accent wall with wood plank wallpaper.  Third, I think he wasn’t even inspired being in there!  Even though he’s very young (3 1/2), I think he knows what he likes and doesn’t when it comes to how his room looks. I was flipping through a Land of Nod catalog recently and found this picture amusement-park-mural-decal I was immediately smitten, especially with the colors in the wall mural.  I am planning on interpreting this mural into his room.  Since I am not a fan of white walls I am planning on painting his room the same color I used on our kitchen accent wall: paint_color This color has become my new favorite.  I love that it reads blue, green and gray!   I know it’s dark, but I am planning on using lots of white accessories to keep it from feeling like a cave.  I took his “MacGyver” drapes down and replaced them with simple white ones from IKEA.


vivan-pair-of-curtains__0100659_PE243899_S4TO THIS

I’m planning on keeping his dresser the way it is, but I added a funky orange accent to it this weekend (again, pulling colors from my inspiration).  Just to recap, this is what his dresser looked like recently.


I got out my bright orange duck tape and a sharp utility knife and did a 10 minute facelift on it.










I know it’s a bit crazy and not for everybody, but I think I can get away with some funkiness in a little boy’s room don’t you?   I think I will add some more orange in his room; I’m just not sure how or where yet (accent pillows? adding an orange band on the bottom of his drapes?).   Looks like I’ll be busy this weekend as well.


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