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diy hula hoop orb

I am as much a decorating junkie as the next girl (or guy) and love following a few trends.  {For the most part I just decorate by my own rules, or simply break them- ask my poor Mom!}.  Whether they are here to stay, or just a passing trend, I am drawn to orbs.  They are everywhere and make just about any room a bit more whimsical.


Rustic look from Pottery Barn


Industrial look from Home Decorators Collection


And my favorite from RH

I love this chandelier for its shape.  For some reason it reminds me of da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man and I therefore find it intriguing to look at.  But at over $700!??! Holy @#$%!!

I found inspiration to make my very own oversized-orb after glancing at my daughter’s hula hoops tossed all over our back yard!  Ta da!!  “Kids hop in the car!  We’re going shopping for a bunch of hula hoops!”  I think that was the fastest I’ve ever seen my kids put their shoes on and head for the car.  I drove to our local Big Lots and bought 3 medium sized hula hoops (28″ diameter).  Total cost: $3.99


To start, I placed one hula hoop inside the other perpendicular to each other and used two zip ties to secure them together.


Tie another zip tie across the one you just attached to make an “X”.


Now just cut off the excess and turn the zip ties so the fastener do-hickey is facing inward.


To make the orb shape you place your third hula hoop inside these two to create a sphere-like shape.


Ignore this mess…I originally wanted this orb to be black, but quickly grew to dislike it.  Just secure the third hula hoop the same way you did the first two and you should be left with something that looks like the above picture.

Next step is to prime this thing.  I used Rustoleum’s Spray Primer and let it dry overnight.

Now you can paint your orb any color your little heart desires.  I made mine gold.  I know…shocking!



Be sure to let this dry overnight.  When I woke up the next morning it felt like Christmas.  I already knew the perfect spot for this orb- our living room.   Our living room is the first room you see when you walk into our home.  There was a huge blank space and this decorative orb filled it up nicely.





View from our front door.



I have plans to make a TON of these and use them in our yard and as a light fixture (more on that later).

On a side note:  In case you’re wondering about these pictures, they are paintings of my husband’s hometown of Münster, Germany.

PicMonkey Collage2

I bet you’ll never look at a hula hoop quite the same now, huh?  This is such a fun project and costs a few bucks.