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garden tour of my in-laws’ home in germany

Yep, I’m still suffering from jet-lag and cannot quite get on a schedule during our visit to Germany.  Adjusting to a 9 hour time difference is kicking my “Po Po.”  So I thought I’d share a few pictures of my mother-in-law’s garden with you.  Here is where I left off the other day…

germany house_view to garden

This is the view into my mother-in-law’s garden from her sun room.   Once you open the sliding doors, you step into a perfectly manicured garden full of lush green shrubs, precisely trimmed hedges and thoughtfully placed decorations.  In other words…the woman can garden!  I will let these snapshots speak for themselves.

germany house_garden2

germany house_orb

germany house_hedge

I wasn’t joking when I said the hedges are precisely trimmed.

germany house_garden

The pictures are a bit blown-out, but all I wanted was to be outside the other day.  It was a perfect Spring day, plus I had the house all to myself.

germany house_garden decor

I swear I could not find ONE weed!  Frustrating.

germany house_garden bushes

germany house_flowers

germany house_rooftop

Looking at the clay tile roofs always reminds me when I lived in Las Vegas.  Clay tiles and concrete are typical choices for roofs in Germany.

germany house_vines

germany house_vines and shrubs

I just love this and think the idea is genius.  She secured several decorative plant hooks to the house, tied sisal rope around each then wound her vines around the rope to create a natural looking trellis.  Once in full bloom, the vines cascade down the side of the house.

germany house_pathway

germany house_perfect fence

germany house_daffodils

germany house_distressed crate

germany house_garden view

Gorgeous, isn’t it?  It makes me want to rip everything out of my own backyard and start all over.


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tour of my in-laws’ house in Germany

Hallo von Deutschland!

We arrived [not without a few "Clark Griswold" incidents that included my son throwing up as soon as we landed in Frankfurt, Germany and me losing my cell phone!] one week ago and are having the best time.  As I said in my previous post, it’s been 6 years since I have been here and I forgot just how stunning and delicious Germany is!  While I thought I wouldn’t be posting until we returned next week, I am still suffering from major jet-lag and am full of energy when I should be sleeping.  So I thought I’d share a few snapshots from our bike ride+picnic today and house tour of my in-laws’ home in Germany.

bike ride in the countryside

bike ride and picnic in germany

bike ride and picnic through germany[click here for loose translation]

Also forgotten in those 6 years was how talented my mother-in-law is with decorating her house.  She has a knack for it and color coordinates everything seamlessly.

germany house_entry wayFront door+entry way

germany house_entry

germany house_entry way2

in laws house_view from front doorView from front door

germany house_dining area

Dining Area [never used]

germany house_table runner_napkin ringI have these same napkin rings and am stealing this idea!

germany house_living room2Living Room

germany house_living room windowThe majority of Germans decorate their windows and window sills with ornaments and plants.  During my walks around the neighborhood I spotted heart shaped ornaments hanging in most of the windows.

germany house_planters

germany_living room_candlesAlmost every surface in my in-laws’ house is embellished with some ornament or simple decoration.

germany house_hutchThis is one of my favorite pieces in the house.  Believe it or not, this hutch is only 35 years old!

germany house_fireplace2

germany house_curtain rod The walls and most of the ceilings are covered with textured wallpaper that is painted a crisp white.  Timeless.

in laws house_textured wallpaper

germany house_book shelvesMy mother-in-law covered her books in white craft paper and turned others around so the spines are facing the wall.

germany_looking into sun roomView from the living room into the sun room.

germany house_view to gardenAnd this is where I will leave it today.  I am sure I will still be jet-lagged tomorrow so I will share pictures of her garden.  Not only does my mother-in-law have a knack for decorating, but she also has one of the greenest thumbs!

I would have shared pictures of her kitchen, but it is such a tiny room that I cannot fit in there and take a good picture.  This is all I could manage…

germany house_kitchenI’m not joking, their kitchen is 12′x5′.  It is typical of houses this age.  She hates it.

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