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[temp] wallpapering the kids’ bath

installing vintage inspired temp wallpaper coral red and turquoise

Sunday was like any other day in our household.  Kids up at 7:00.  Mom up and chugging coffee at 7:01.  Mom gets a DIY idea at 7:30!  Mom is frantically trying to finish said DIY project before Dad wakes up!   Sometimes I wish I was joking, but having an over-active-creative-brain I’ve learned is a huge part of who I am.  I’ve learned to accept it and just roll with it.

I ordered this amazing coral red and turquoise temporary wallpaper from One Kings Lane in November and yesterday realized where it would be perfect….the kid’s bathroom!

temp wallpaper in kids bathroom_vintage inspired

vintage inspired temp wallpaper_coral and turquoise

I’ve been a fan of red+turquoise for a while now and am so happy I finally get to do a room in these colors.  I figured putting this in the kid’s bathroom would be safe.  This bathroom is on our second floor and doesn’t have any windows, so no natural light.  Not to mention, their bathroom is a very long rectangular space so why not add some funky fun colors to lighten it up a bit, I thought.

This is what their bathroom looked like recently.  I installed the board+batten and love the look.  I painted just this accent wall the same slate blue that it’s in our master bedroom.  Not very fun for a 6 and 4 year old.

vintage inspired temp wallpaper

I wasn’t joking about frantically trying to finish this project before the hub woke up.  While in my PJ’s, hair resembling Cruella Deville I got busy.

coral and turquoise vintage inspired temp wallpaper

I measured the length of the wall (45″) and make my first cut at this length.   This is just a huge sticker so I peeled about 12″ of the backing off and applied the clean straight edge right up next to the ceiling.  Once that was level and straight, I simply flattened it out, pressed out any air bubbles with my daughter’s clipboard, and repeated all the way down this first strip.

vintage looking coral and turquoise temp wallpaper

I know it looks strange to start a wallpaper job in the middle of the wall.  It was impossible for me to stick a full strip of paper in between the door trim and the adjacent wall so I stuck my first strip about 8″ away from the corner.  I figured I would cut a full strip in half later and it would be easier for me to work with in the corners.

There is obviously a pattern to this design so the remaining strips I cut to 50″.  This allows for me to line up the pattern without running short on either end of the strip.

vintage inspired temp wallpaper in coral and turquoise

You can see I was left with another bare spot on the other side of the wall.  I cut another strip at 50″, folded it lengthwise in the middle then cut this piece in half.  This made tackling these small spaces much easier.

After about 40 minutes this wall was done!  Best part…the hub was still asleep!

vintage inspired coral and turquoise temp wallpaper

temp wallpaper vintage inspired coral and turquoise

temp wallpaper vintage inspired coral red and turquoise

coral and turquoise temp wallpaper vitage inspired

Temp wallpaper is one of the best inventions.  It’s perfect for renters and someone like me who is constantly tweaking the house!   I paid apx $45 for a double roll of this and just purchased one as it is a bit pricey.  It’s just enough to slap it on an accent wall for a big impact.

installing vintage inspired temp wallpaper coral red and turquoise

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my first vintage finds

So after my rambling the other day, I mentioned that I made a trip to a local+funky vintage shop.  Since I am just venturing into the whole mid-century modern thing I decided I should probably take baby steps so I was very thankful that this shop is tiny and not jam-packed.

vintage shop outside[via my instagram feed]

I found this place after spotting a few amazing mid-century modern pieces on craigslist that I absolutely loved (and the prices of his vintage treasures were jaw-dropping).  Here are some pics I snapped of his amazing stuff

vintage desk

vintage credenza

vintage green beauty

Crazy right?

vintage toys

vintage typewriter

You know you’re old when you used a typewriter and now see them for sale in vintage+antique shops!

vintage chairsdrool.

vintage hair dryerthe funniest hair dryer I’ve ever seen

Here is what I came home with


The lamp bases are not technically MCM, but they are such a gorgeous color (almost a bronze) and metal.  I paid $40.  I love vintage hard back books (who doesn’t?) and bought 3 for $2 each.   I love love love armillaries and when I spotted this vintage one I snatched it up.  The little ornate box is something I never thought I’d buy, but I kept picking it up, putting it down, picking it up, etc.  When I do that I figure there’s a reason so I grabbed it and paid $10.  For under $80 I came home with some unique things.

The hard part was finding just the right spot for each.   After much trial and error here is where their new homes are

vintage_lamp end table

vintage lamp_detail

vintage_lamp behind couch

vintage_blue couch

vintage_sedgewick2our buddy “Sedgewick”

vintage_box styled with books


vintage_armillary styled

vintage_armillary side view

The owner of this shop is not only super cool, but very knowledgeable about MCM.  He also said something that struck a cord with a me, “Mid-century modern is one of those design styles that people don’t realize they love.  Once you purchase a piece of MCM furniture you instantly become hooked.  MCM evokes an emotion and just makes you feel good.”

‘Nuff said.


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