DIY | pottery barn inspired rustic lantern

how to make a pottery barn rustic lanternAs I was putting myself to sleep the other night…HGTV softly playing in the background, favorite home decor magazines scattered all over the bed, laptop open to my favorite websites…I came across this image…

lanternI was so bleary-eyed that I forgot to jot down where I found this image, but found a very similar, almost identical one listed at One Kings Lane.

The old DIY light-bulb went off and all I could think about for the next hour or so was “I can totally make that!”  Another sleepless night.  Does that happen to you?

My son was at pre school the other day and my daughter had a friend over so I seized the moment and banged out my version of this rustic lantern in an hour.

pottery barn inspired diy rustic lanternDid I need a rustic lantern?  No.  Did I have a blast though re creating this with materials I had in the garage?  Yep!  The best part was I sneaked in Mommy-time and no kids were bored to death or neglected in the process.  :)

diy rustic wood lanternbuild a pottery barn lanternI will be sharing the tutorial this week and you will get a chuckle when I tell you some of the materials I wound up using.  Typical Amy though! :)

Until then here are a few more pictures to tie you over…

how to build a pottery barn lanternhow to make a pottery barn rustic lanternsignature_hugs_amy



diy: no-sew outdoor pillow case [using an old shower curtain]

Happy day to you!  I’m over at Homecoming today sharing how I made these easy no-sew [still refuse to use the sewing machine!] outdoor pillow cases.  I guess you can classify this as another IKEA hack as they are made from an old IKEA shower curtain.

no-sew outdoor pillow case from a shower curtainSwing on by and check it out!

signature_hugs_amylinking up to:  Remodelaholic

diy: free tree branch candle holder

diy candle holder from fallen branchesI wish I had some amazing story why I’ve been M.I.A lately [like I've been sipping margaritas on the beach, getting my hair and nails done while getting a massage, or trapped under something heavy].  Nope.  Just a case of the-kids-are-almost-out-of-school-I-don’t-want-to-do-squat blues.  Well, that was fun for a week and I have been itching to DIY some crap.

So here we go!  I am known around certain parts of my [poor] daughter’s school as “that mom who lugs wood back to her car!”  Case in point.

a candle holder made from fallen tree branchesIf you follow me on Instagram, you’ll remember I posted about finding a stack of fallen tree branches while on a hike around my daughter’s school.  Well I managed to drag this beauty back to my car while being stared at in absolute disbelief by many parents.  That’s how I roll people!

This beauty sat in my garage for a couple months until I got the idea to create a candle holder out of it.  It’s super simple and took 30 minutes to make.

creating a candle holder from fallen tree branchI broke out the Dremmel and got busy hacking this guy to just the right size.

tree branches become a candle holderNext I gave it a light sand with a fine grit sandpaper.

make your own tree branch candle holderOnce that was done, I used a 1/2″ drill bit to cut the hole in the top.  I used a taper candle to get the size just right.

tree branch becomes a candle holderIn order for the candle to sit upright I drilled down apx 1/2″ into the wood.

diy custom tree branch candle holderI then gave my candle holder a quick coat of polyurethane to seal the wood, but it’s not necessary.

candle holders made from fallen tree branchesI found this outdoor clear, satin finish poly at my local Home Depot.  I like it because it also has UV protection so you can use it on any outdoor project and it shouldn’t fade.

tree branch candle holder made from fallen branchesThis stuff dries in about 30 minutes and has a pretty satin sheen to it.  You’re done!

diy candle holder from a fallen tree branchYou can see I made another one, but decided to keep it raw and left the bark on.  [Note:  just be sure you don't pick up any branches that have little tenants living in them, aka termites!]  Best part of these rustic candle holders is they are FREE to make!

diy candle holder made from fallen tree branchesdiy custom candle holder from fallen tree branchesdiy a candle holder from fallen tree branchesI might make a few more, but try painting a few in white, or gold!  I’m off to hike again!!

diy candle holder from fallen branchessignature_hugs_amylinking up to:  Remodelaholic