• pom pom and stick floral arrangement

  • paper straw "vase"

  • diy faux cowhide rug

  • paper mache bowl

  • abstract starburst wall decor

  • magazine art collage

  • hanging jewelry organizer

  • diy [easy] silhouette

  • modern+ minimalist herb markers

  • diy wood shim drum shade

  • diy oversized orb made from hula hoops

H O L I D A Y | christmas

  • child's keepsake burlap wall hanging

  • salt dough ornaments

H O L I D A Y | halloween

  • diy funny tombstones

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  1. Your craft projects are so inspiring. I am DIY’er too.. Thanks for inspiring :)

  2. Anytime.. :) My blog is
    Have a look when you are free.. :)

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