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a unique gallery wall

Sorry for all the bathroom posts this week!  I swear I will move out of the bathroom and into another room after today’s post.  :-)   Remember I gave you a little sneak peek in yesterday’s post of what was to come today…

make your own diy red funky and modern towel holder

Yep…I created a [quirky] gallery wall in the kids’ bathroom…but in true AMY FASHION I took it to the bizarre next step and created a gallery wall on their mirror!

use kids art to create a unique art gallery on bathroom mirror

I am not the biggest fan of gallery walls as I think they are a trend and just not my personal style.  But when you’ve accumulated thousands upon thousands of kiddie art projects that must be kept at all costs [their words, not mine] what choice do you have?  I succumbed to my apprehension of gallery walls and created a quirky one.  I’m just that rebellious and cannot do what everyone else is doing.  My Mom is nodding her head right now as she reads this.  :-)

kids unique gallery wall on bathroom mirror


I gathered up my favorite works of theirs and thought the bright colors were just what the blah-builder-grade-Godzilla-sized-mirror was begging for.  Obviously I used very lightweight canvas paintings and the framed works are very light as well.  They are simply award frames I purchased at Michael’s.  No glass, just plastic.  I attached each of these masterpieces with Command double sided tape.

Command 0.6-in Two-Sided Tape

create a fun kids art gallery on a bathroom mirror

Attaching their artwork to their bathroom mirror also serves as a cute dividing line between “his” and “her” space.  I’m hoping this alleviates some of the nagging and fighting.

unique kids art gallery created on a bathroom mirror

make a unique kids art gallery on a bathroom mirror

create a unique kids art gallery wall on a bathroom mirror

This is actually a pen/pencil holder and desk tray I purchased from Poppin but I like it much better holding their toothbrushes, toothpaste and Zahnputzuhr (loosely translated…teeth cleaning clock).  The color is fun and goes with their new wallpapered wall.

making a unique art gallery from kids artwork on a bathroom mirror

kids unique gallery wall on bathroom mirror

use kids art to create a unique art gallery on bathroom mirror

In case you’re wondering that Command tape is still holding STRONG!  I don’t see these pictures coming down….EVER!!  :-)

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