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our funny christmas card

I don’t know about you, but I am so late getting our Christmas cards out this year.  I haven’t even received them yet and I’m crossing my fingers that the arrival date [today] on my order is real and not just a tease.

Anyway, I have done the perfectly posed pictures before; you know…the ones where everyone’s hair is perfectly brushed, sitting nice and straight, everything staged just right.  Well, those pictures definitely look nice, but I wanted this year’s Christmas card picture to be “us” and a bit more relaxed.  I told myself ahead of time not to get stressed and to just let the process evolve naturally (I know, it’s easier said than done).

So I came up with the idea of capturing a Christmas song lyric in picture form and I chose “Let Your Heart be Light.”  To make the picture a bit silly I told the family that I wanted us to wrap ourselves up in strings of Christmas lights.  Of course the kids were all over that one, but the husband was a bit reluctant.  [He's my serious one].

And here is how our Christmas family portrait turned out this year [please notice our little goofball and his warm "smile" for everyone to enjoy].  Like I said, I wanted to capture our true essence this year….

may your heart be light

Yup, that’s my little boy to a tee!  My big boy was a good sport, but that smile is hiding clenched teeth [he does NOT like taking pictures].  I guess my son doesn’t either [the apple does not fall far from that tree].

And here is how it looks on our card…

I just love it and it took all of 15 minutes to get everyone wrapped up, sitting on the couch and smiling their best [or sticking their tongue out].

In case you’re wondering I only found one online card shop that offered this cute quote and that’s minted.  They have the best selection in my opinion and the prices are very reasonable.  I ordered mine last week and the shipping was free.  I don’t know if they still offer free shipping, but you can still receive 15% off on your card order.  [Nope, I'm not endorsed in any way for this little plug;  just sharin the love].


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