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a simple [sexy] mantel

Geez, when I started this week I had no intention of writing so many Christmas-related posts.  Sorry if you’re getting sick of them!  I think I am almost to that point too and tomorrow will probably be the last one.

So I decided to get out of my comfort zone this year and try my hand at decorating our mantel.  I have never done this before; usually I just duck tape our stockings up by the fireplace and call it good [I am sort of kidding].  Since I’m now “blogging” I figured it was time to push myself and see what I got.

And what I “got” was this sexy mantel

simple+sexy mantel

With the exception of the bright red wood floral wreath [Target $35], everything else was grabbed from various places around the house. 

sexy mantel with red wreath close up

sexy mantel with red wreath

When I decide to get out of my comfort zone, I really mean it!  How many people think of zebra rugs as a Christmas decoration?

sexy mantel zebra rug

I grabbed this from the hallway leading to the garage.


sexy mantel boxwood ball decor[see my boy's reflection?]

I stole these two faux boxwood orbs from the living room, as I was not feeling them in there.  I think they’re just perfect on our Christmas mantel though.  I attached these to the mantel with…get ready for it…duck tape!!  If you look hard enough you can see it.  The tiny pom pom fringe and all the ribbon you see have been shoved in our Christmas wrapping paper box for the past 4 years!   It all came from Costco and it just never seems to end!

Last but not least is my craigslist mirror [a heavy beveled beast of $25 loveliness] that I sprayed gloss black.

Now that I’ve babbled enough, I will “zip it” and let you simply….enjoy. 

sexy mantel aerial shot

sexy mantel living room panoramic

craft supply decorated tree // salt dough “mercury glass” ornaments

sexy mantel sons reflection[I was busy clicking away on my camera when I captured this sweet reflection of my little guy playing on his wii].

sexy mantel with kids' christmas tree

So there is my first official Christmas mantel!  I think I have one more Christmas post in me until I’ve hit overload.  

simple+sexy mantel


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salt dough ornaments

salt dough_overlay


Nothing like living in a neighborhood where people have their Christmas decorations up the day after Thanksgiving to put the pressure on! Normally I have my tree up just before Christmas, but I succumbed to the pressure I put on myself this year and put up the kids’ tree on Sunday. 

After I read Bethany’s post about making salt dough ornaments I was immediately inspired to make these with my kids. So I corralled them into the kitchen, still in pj’s, and we made a big batch.  I used this recipe instead, as I do not have Bethany’s patience.  I was immediately brought back to my childhood.  I remember making salt dough ornaments with my mom and I love any opportunity to re create sweet memories I had as a child with my own two kiddos. 

Photo: Making salt dough Xmas ornaments in our pj's. Takes me back to my childhood.

Once we rolled out the dough, we sifted through the ridiculous number of cookie cutters and went to town.  Two hours later, they were done and ready to paint!

laying them out

I let my kiddos do the “dirty work” [heck, they offered!] of giving each ornament a light sanding to get the rough “nubbies” off.  After that it was a free-for-all with the paint! 

all done

In less than 10 minutes this was the state of our ornaments!



I of course grabbed the gold spray paint [surprise! surprise!] and decorated a few of my own.

moose_antique look

This paint job was one of those happy accidents.  I sprayed a light coat of turquoise on this guy first, then while that was still wet I sprayed a light mist of gold on top.  I love the antique look that was created and I repeated this process on a couple more ornaments that I had to pry out of my kids’ hands.



This one is my favorite.


As we were finishing, this is what Mother Nature displayed for us. 

star on tree

I wrapped some thin jute rope through the hole and hung these lovelies on the kids’ tree.  Stay tuned for the final reveal of their tree this week!

on the tree



I love these and just like I did when I was my daughter’s age, I licked one!  :-)   Aahh, the memories

salt dough_overlay


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