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new to me: Polyvore!

Either I’m behind the times on this one, or in-the-know.  Either way, I wanted to share this latest amazing find.  Sorry if you’re one of those who have known about this [shame on you for not sharing!]



Poly-what??  I said a few days ago.  Polyvore is one of those well kept secrets and has become a new addiction.   I like to think of it as virtual window shopping.  It’s fashion+home focused and was named one of Time Magazine’s “5 Best Sites for One-Stop Online Shopping.”  [source]

“You can create your own collections, follow your favorite curators, or, if you like, just browse or search the latest items in Polyvore’s collection.  If you like browsing store windows and shop displays, Polyvore is the online version—and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.” [source]

Anyone can sign up.

Once I did, I wasted no time creating a few collections of my own.  I had fun with these and pulled together pieces that inspired me [I paid no attention to the price tags!].

master bedroom_glammed upMy first creation was this master bedroom collection.  If you click on the above image you will see just how Polyvore works.  You choose from a huge selection of items, drag them onto your “board” and if you hover over each item a pop up will show you where you can buy it and how much it costs. This is an ingenious way to window shop, create your dream space and shop the look for less.

living room_sexy and glammyNext I created this sexy+glammy living room collection.  I think this collection resembles my style and how I have my house currently decorated.

moody living roomI created this living room collection for this contest I recently entered.  I also love this one.

For all you Fashionistas out there you can put together your favorite outfits too!  For the hell of it I threw together one of my favorite everyday looks

everyday fav look

This look sure beats my typical “Mommy Uniform” of black stretchy pants and one of my husbands t-shirts.


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