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DIY: wood shim drum shade and some big news!!


Hi guys!  Today I’m back at Homecoming to share how I made this large wood shim drum shade.  Remember how I covered one of our recessed lights with a decorative bowl?  Well, I went a few steps further and made a drum shade for our downstairs bathroom.  The possibilities are really endless if you are like me and want to cover up a few recessed lights around your house.

wood shim drum shade diy ceiling mount fixture

Now…onto my big news!!!!  I am now a full time contributor at Homecoming!

I will be doing a guest post every month and I already have some pretty amazing things planned.  After my first guest post about my son’s modern bedroom makeover I was asked by Kayla to be a full time member of her team.  Without any hesitation I said, “Yes!”  I felt like I was being proposed to all over again.

Thank you to all of you supporting me and my crazy ideas and to Kayla for welcoming me aboard!


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