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DIY: gold+black glam bowl

make your own glam black and gold bowl

Is it Monday again?!?!?!  I think our weekend breezed by because we were busy [aka I was busy] DIY’ing.

Any chance I get to involve my two kiddos in my projects I jump on it.  And of course…the messier the better!  While they were still sleeping on Saturday morning I rummaged through the black hole that is our garage and grabbed some supplies:

  • Balloons
  • Mod Podge [multi-surface]
  • Craft Paint Brushes
  • Newspaper

This is the easiest decoupage project and so much fun [if you like to get messy, which we do!].


Start by ripping up your newspaper into strips of all sizes.  Now blow up balloons of differing sizes.  Note:  your bowl will be much sturdier if you make your balloon a small-medium size. 


Prep your work surface!  I laid out a couple of trash bags on the kids’ craft table.

diy_a glam gold and black bowl

diy a glam black and gold bowlDon’t you just love the bed-head!!!

diy a glam gold and black bowlDon’t cross this line!!  Kids.


Now simply place your newspaper strips onto the balloon and paint over them with Mod Podge. Of course be sure to leave an opening!  Once this layer was done we hung them outside to dry. The more layers you add, the harder your bowl will be.  We did 3 layers on our bowls.  The bowls were completely dry and ready to paint after two hours.

diy_a glam black and gold bowl

make a diy gold and black bowl


The most fun part [for Mama]….painting!  Pop the balloon and choose your colors.

make a diy black and gold bowl

I chose Gold Chrome and Black Montana spray paint.  I have read all the buzz lately about this brand of spray paint and I decided to see if the hype was worth it.  In a nutshell….I LOVE THIS PAINT!  The quality is amazing and the gold chrome is just gorgeous.

I turned my bowl over on a piece of cardboard and sprayed the outside black.  Once that was dry [this paint dries fast! 20 minutes] I turned the bowl over and painted the inside gold.

make a gold and black bowl diy

STEP FIVE [optional]:

If you find that your bowl just isn’t hard enough I recommend giving it a few coats of spray glaze.  I had this on hand and decided to test it out on one of our bowls.

make a black and gold diy bowl

This added some extra strength to the bowl and also added a nice shine.  Let it dry completely and enjoy your glam little masterpiece!

make a gold and black diy bowl

make your own glam gold and black bowl diy

make a glam gold and black bowl diy

The look is very organic and I like those projects the best.  My kids are so proud of themselves [and so is their Mama!].

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make your own glam black and gold bowl

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