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Chandelier Wrap made from hula hoops


If you follow this blog then you are well aware of the ongoing battle I’m waging with our dining room chandelier.  I think this latest change now makes #5 (and counting!).  I  wish I could say that this is it, but I know myself too well.

So this idea came about after I made this decorative orb out of hula hoops.  It stayed for about 2 weeks in our living room as just a simple, funky art piece.  You can read my tutorial here.



One day I just decided that I didn’t like it just laying there and every person who entered the house asking me, “What is that thing supposed to be?”  So I decided to wrap it around our existing (builder-grade) chandelier because…well, just because!  :-)

Just to refresh, this is the way our chandelier looked most recently (just a poor naked thing)…


After removing the zip ties from the top of the orb, I simply slid it around the chandelier and secured it to the chain so it wouldn’t plop on anyone’s head during a dinner party.  After 2 minutes of adjusting the hula hoops so it didn’t look like an Easter egg, here is what it looks like now:


Pretty funky, huh?  I think I like it.  But haven’t I said that about every change to this chandelier?  :-)   All kidding aside, I do like this look and I have to agree with what my husband said today, “Honey, can you please move on to a different room now?”

I had to touch up a few spots where the gold spray paint rubbed off while I was wrapping it around the chandelier chain.  Normally I would have said a few colorful words, but I found these amazing oil-based paint pens at (of all places) TARGET!  These little pens have changed my life and they come in handy at times like this. I also used them to draw the designs on my Ballard Designs knock off mirrors.



I also ran my gold paint pen along the edges of the “arms” on the chandelier to add some gold accents.  If my paint job got a bit sloppy I simply touched up with the black paint pen.



And there you have it!  Turn almost any light fixture into a funky orb chandelier using hula hoops, gold spray paint, and a few zip ties!




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